Your #1 Underwater Welding Guide is Here.

​Diving into underwater welding takes guts.

But most people give up before they've even began their underwater welding career. That's where this guide comes in - it gives you a step-by-step approach to underwater welding.

​Introducing the Underwater Welding Guide

  • 6-step, full road map to learning and applying underwater welding in your career.
  • 8 powerful stories from real underwater welders and commercial divers.
  • Shocking science behind underwater wet and dry welding.
  • 5 buyer's guides on underwater welding equipment.
  • Multiple How-to's on mechanical learning, dive training and physical fitness.
  • 4 chapters on the truth behind diving certification from field experts.
  • Realities into the daily lives and responsibilities of underwater welders.
  • Professional audio version to listen to on the go.
  • ...a heck of a lot more.

​To properly prepare you for your professional diving career, we've written an ebook and materials that provide a realistic perspective on every aspect of underwater welding and commercial diving.

We've spoken with hundreds of experts in the fields of SCUBA and commercial diving, engineering, construction, inspection, education and management. With input from these various  industries, you can learn about underwater welding from all angles.

It's the first underwater welding book of its kind. But it gets even better.

Your Underwater Welding Resources

We won't leave you high and dry as you prepare to become an underwater welder. This guide contains the most comprehensive list of tools and resources in the industry:

Powerhouse eBook Trainer

The eBook comes with any guide package. It's called "Electricity Meets Water: Practical Guide to Underwater Welding - Train to Succeed as a Commercial Diver."

I've spent two years creating it, and I couldn't be more proud. At almost 45,000 words, this has been written and crafted to prepare the way in your underwater welding training and career. Focusing on everything from dive school research to equipment to how underwater welding works, this eBook will put you on a fast track to success.

Welder-diver Certification Bonus

This actually comes in the form of several chapters within the eBook. I believe it deserves its own special place as you won't find this type of information easily - online or offline. Just as office jobs require diplomas, underwater welding employers look for certification in their applicants. I've provided an in-depth, simplified look at underwater welding certification so that you can get exactly what you need for your career.

Audio eBook Narration

The audio version is also included in any package you buy. We don't all have time to dedicate to sitting down and reading, page by page. That's why I've added a professional audio version. Whether you're on the go or just simply prefer a human voice to words, this is created for you.

Diver Exploits Pack

Learning about underwater welding and commercial diving is great. But no one knows better than underwater welders themselves. That's why we've included 4 incredible stories from the perspectives of those who've been a part of this career. Their fresh perspective will give you a first-hand account of intense underwater construction training.

Fast Track Marketing Guide

As you'll soon learn, going to underwater welding school in itself isn't enough to land you a position. Many underwater welders work as contractors, self-employed. To stick out among the sea of divers, you need a strategy. This marketing guide will highlight your diving skillset and put you where your resume in a place that employers can find it.

Underwater Welder Marketing + Network Resources

We've compiled the best resources for your underwater welding training and career in one place. These include the top books, manuals, equipment inventories and diver insurance. Oh, and one thing we're particularly proud of: A Networking Resource - an exclusive creation that includes the absolute best places for an underwater welder to find other divers and employers!

Diver Worksheet Pack

Apply what you've learned on 5 different worksheets for welder-divers. Record your equipment list, budget for dive school and brainstorm ways to hunt for underwater welding jobs!

Ready to Electrify the Industry?

Our Underwater Welding Guide comes in three different packages. This way, you can choose the one that fits your level of preparation and future career aspirations in commercial diving.

Underwater Welder Master (Premium Package)

Underwater Welding Book Master

This comprehensive package includes all resources and roadmap to becoming an underwater welder. It's the perfect tool for the those that desire a firm foothold in an ever-changing maritime industry.

  • Powerhouse eBook Trainer
  • Welder-diver Certification Bonus
  • Audio eBook Narration
  • Diver Exploits Pack
  • Marketing + Network Resources
  • Fast Track Marketing Guide
  • Diver Worksheet Pack

Underwater Welder Journeyman (Mixed Package)

Underwater Welding Book Journeyman

Obtain our underwater welding guide with several highlighted resources - the perfect value for the perfect price. Learn the in and outs of commercial diving and underwater welding at your own pace.

  • Powerhouse eBook Trainer
  • Welder-diver Certification Bonus
  • Audio eBook Narration
  • Diver Exploits Pack
  • Marketing + Network Resources

Underwater Welder Apprentice (Starter Package)

Underwater Welding Book Apprentice

Build on the essentials of underwater welding with this perfect starter kit. Funnel your skills and dive into a brave new world where adventure awaits.

  • Powerhouse eBook Narration
  • Welder-diver Certification Bonus
  • Audio eBook Narration


I think it is the best compilation of experience and education for a new or young commercial divers out there! As an "old hand" myself, divers can be way too opinionated, but Matt does a great job of bringing it together.

Don Gibbons
Underwater Welder/Commercial Diver

This book is really a good introductory guide that will allow non-initiates to have a good overview of this particular profession and guide them through the maze that leads to it.

Francis Hermans
Underwater Welder/Commercial Diver

Electricity Meets Water: Practical Guide to Underwater Welding is the most comprehensive and all encompassing work about commercial diving that I've ever seen. This book goes beyond the realm of welding and gives the reader a detailed look into what it takes to be a commercial diver. From stories about individual divers' experiences to recommendations on the best gear to purchase, this book is filled with useful information.

If you've ever been curious about this field of work then this is the book for you!

Graham Murphy
Commercial Diver

To say this book is a comprehensive guide to underwater welding would be an understatement. Matt Smith from has put together an invaluable source of information for anyone considering a career as a commercial diver.

All divers should own a copy. Electricity Meets Water was written with passion, and it shows. Frankly it's hard for me not to desire a career in commercial diver after reading.

Jason Boone
Scuba Diver/Owner of

This is a very informative introduction to the realities of commercial diving. You won't find this information in the text books. I found much of it useful in helping me prepare for the challenges to come.

Ethan Cromwell
Commercial Diver

Underwater Welder Apprentice

Primary Preparation

  • Powerhouse eBook Trainer
  • Audio eBook Narration
  • Welder-diver Certification Bonus


Underwater Welder Journeyman

Moderate Preparation

  • Everything in Underwater Welder Apprentice
  • Diver Exploits Pack
  • Marketing + Network Resources


Underwater Welder


Comprehensive Preparation

  • Everything in Underwater Welder Journeyman
  • Diver Worksheet Pack 
  • Fast Track Marketing Guide


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We at Water Welders have worked hard to give you a strong, powerful guide for your venture into underwater welding.

Experience the underwater welding guide to its fullest, including the book and any other package materials that come with it. If you decide that this package is not for you, however, we will refund your money.

Before we issue a refund, we'll ask you why you didn't prefer this guide so that we may improve it for our future customers (and we hope you can be one of them!). This is based on the honor system, so please be honest with us and don't abuse the refund privilege.

Matt Smith Water Welders

Matt Smith

Matt is the creator of this guide and the owner of Water Welders. He's interested in helping underwater welders and commercial divers succeed in their education and careers.

He's spent two years developing the Underwater Welding Guide. He spoke with industry experts from around the world in education, maritime business and metal fabrication. Matt's passions in life include family and blogging.