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Biz Wave: Maritime Injury Center

What types of services does your company offer? What’s your primary goal in the maritime industry? We offer information about maritime laws and resources for those working in the industry or their families. The resources include access to legal experts who can provide advice about filing claims, filing lawsuits, and seeking compensation for maritime workers […]

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Oxylance Feature

Biz Wave: Oxylance Inc.

Underwater Welding Types & Projects Wet Welding There are two forms of underwater welding. The one that is the most intriguing to everyone is underwater wet welding. This process is performed using a “stick” electrode that is especially prepared for welding in the water with no protection from the water. The process is wet SMAW […]

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Significant Casualty Feature

Biz Wave: A Significant Casualty

Peter J. Pilkington, author of “A Significant Casualty“, takes us through the background and significance of his book. He began writing after his son, a former commercial diver, died in an offshore incident. How long after your son’s passing did you begin your book, “A Significant Casualty”? Did your ideas for the book change as you were writing it? […]

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Biz Wave: U.S. Underwater Services, LLC

About five years ago, U.S. Underwater Services, LLC (USUS) moved to Mansfield, TX. What was the main reason for the move and how did it help the company? At the time of our move, USUS was owned by Neptune Marine Services of Perth, Australia. A move to a newer, bigger, and more modern facility was […]

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John Clarke Feature

Biz Wave: John R. Clarke & Middle Waters

What are some of your primary responsibilities as the Director at the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit? I have been the NEDU Scientific Director since 1991. As such, I am responsible for the scientific rigor and validity of all of our scientific and engineering products. I lead a team that reviews the scientific methods […]

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Biz Wave: The Development of Hyperbaric Pipeline Welding

This chapter is an excerpt taken from Christopher Swann’s book, “The History of Oilfield Diving“. We also have a special giveaway – a signed copy of his book! Check the details at the end of this chapter to enter. It was said that when a pipeline went off the stern of a pipe laying barge nobody […]

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Diving Magnets Feature

Biz Wave: Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd

When did Diving Magnets begin its business? Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd. began its business in January 2015 and launched the website ( soon after. We are based in South Africa, but we ship our products worldwide. At the moment we are an online store only. We are constantly working to improve our products and expanding […]

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Maritime Print Tay Bridge Feature

Biz Wave: Sub Aqua History Prints

Describe your transition from a 40-year commercial diving career into the maritime literature. Was it a gradual, natural transition or a more sudden business venture? At 66, I am still working as a saturation diver around the world but primarily in the North Sea. I hail from Melbourne, Australia but the UK has been my […]

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African Dive Supplies Feature

Biz Wave: Africa Dive Supplies

Africa Dive Supplies originally started because two divers saw the demand for diving apparel and equipment in South Africa. How did you learn about this demand? Initially the idea to start Africa Dive Supplies stemmed from personalized clothing that was made for friends who are scuba divers, commercial divers and spear-fishermen. Realizing this was quite a […]

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