Biz Wave: A Significant Casualty

Significant Casualty Feature

Peter J. Pilkington, author of ‚ÄúA Significant Casualty‚Äú, takes us through the background and significance of his book. He began writing after¬†his son, a former commercial diver,¬†died in an offshore incident. How long after your son’s passing did you begin your book, “A¬†Significant Casualty”? Did your ideas for the book change as you were¬†writing it? … Read more

Biz Wave: John R. Clarke & Middle Waters

John Clarke Feature

What are some of your primary responsibilities as the Director at the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit? I have been the NEDU Scientific Director since 1991. As such, I am responsible for the scientific rigor and validity of all of our scientific and engineering products. I lead a team that reviews the scientific methods … Read more

Biz Wave: Sub Aqua History Prints

Maritime Print Tay Bridge Feature

Describe your transition from a 40-year commercial diving career into the maritime literature. Was it a gradual, natural transition or a more sudden business venture? At 66, I am still working as a saturation diver around the world but primarily in the North Sea. I hail from Melbourne, Australia but the UK has been my … Read more