Inspection & Preparation in Underwater Wet Welding

Success. A well-done underwater wet welding project starts long before a welder diver strikes the arc. In fact, proper prep-work begins at the surface level. Though it’s less expensive than dry welding, project managers and underwater welders must often determine whether the wet welding project they’ve been requested to perform is even in their range … Read more

Diver Exploits: I, HSE Air Diver

I started my working life as an agricultural welder, welding everything from dumper buckets to ploughs to chicken cages. I enjoyed the variety of work, but the money was not good. Two years later, I left and enrolled at Boston College United Kingdom where I studied Civil Engineering. This program got me a start in … Read more

Holland College Commercial Diving: Instructors’ Backgrounds & Perspectives

Holland College Dive Instructors Feature

Diving Program The Commercial Diving program at Holland College provides graduates with all the skills and certificates required for immediate employment in virtually any jurisdiction in the world. Commercially trained surface supplied hard hat divers are referred to by many as underwater welders. The Holland College Marine Training Center’s program specializes in underwater welding. The … Read more