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Diver Exploits: The Underwater Centre Prepares You Beyond the Classroom

TUC Review Adam Feature

I graduated from The Underwater Centre on the 28th of October 2016, after completing the Construction Career Package. My Favorite Courses & Certifications: Value Beyond Training I earned quite a few certifications at TUC, but these are the ones that really stood out to me: HSE SCUBA & HSE Surface Supplied Diving: I believe these were […]

Training for a Career as an ADAS Commercial Diver

Amelia (Milly) Bartlem from Queensland, Australia shares her experience of training with The Underwater Centre, Tasmania; starting out in her career as an ADAS commercial diver and her advice to others who may be considering training for a new career, subsea. What attracted you to a career in commercial diving? ‘I’ve always loved being outdoors, […]

Diver Exploits: Training Surprises & the Power of Unions

Diver Exploits Steve Feature

I’ve been interested in diving and construction from a young age. Back when I was 14, my first scuba diving experience was a five-minute crash course in a pool, and then an hour dive looking at fish in their natural habitat. That’s what got me hooked; I loved the exploration of a world I’d never […]

Diver Exploits: From Welding to the Waves

Diver Exploits Hunter

I don’t have any experience in the diving industry, although I am attending Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) to get the experience and certifications. As far as the construction industry goes, I have one full year of welding, and one year of electrical experience. I consider myself both a risk-taker and an explorer. But I assess every situation, […]

Diver Exploits: Policing the Depths


I started diving back in 1973 when I received my open water certification. I was number 619 from NAUI and my instructor, Ed Young, was number 501. Back in those days we still used double hosed regs, and I still have a love for them today. Wild West of Diving: My Inspiration It might sound […]

Diver Exploits: Recreational Turned Professional at PDA

I have always wanted to work as diver, and at first I wasn’t sure what work was possible. I have always had an appetite for adventure, from when I was young spending weekends away with my dad in the Lake District climbing mountains to racing downhill mountain bikes and motorbikes. If there is a chance […]

Diver Exploits: From Ship Cadet to Underwater Welding

Underwater Welding Ship Feature

I’ve worked in the dirt, the grime, in uncomfortable temperatures and pressures. Diving isn’t what I originally imagined it would be, but I’m glad I made the shift. Graduation: Nothing to Hold Back Back in college in the Philippines, I made varsity in swimming and was a member of dance club in school. I had good athletic […]