Underwater Welding Equipment: Stinger, Electrode & Machine

Indiana Jones keeps his whip handy, and Thor always packs his hammer to vanquish his foes. So it is with underwater welders. Each chooses preferred brands of their equipment, but all must use three essential items to complete their assigned welding projects: A welding machine, stinger and electrodes. This equipment can vary in range of price, quality and … Read more

Underwater Welding Battle: A Fight for Each Day

I have a huge amount of respect for underwater welders. Huge. Why? Well, partially because of the courage they display in the face of risky endeavors like saturation diving and underwater cutting. But the risk is well-known in and outside the industry. In fact, it’s a little hyped-up in my opinion. [adrotate group=”3″] The bulk … Read more

Biz Wave: Speciality Welds

Speciality Welds manufactures many of its own products. What are some of the your most popular items? We manufacture a wide range of underwater welding products and welding consumables, including Barracuda Gold and Hammerhead electrodes, Piranha safety isolation switches, welding stingers, Swordfish arc cutting and Scorpion blue exothermic cutting lances, flip-up housings and auto-darkening filters. They … Read more

Biz Wave: Dryden Diving Company, Inc.

Dryden Diving provides many services in the maritime industry. How many full-time divers and other employees does it have to provide these services? Dryden Diving utilizes the Wharf and Dock Builders Union to supplement labor, after divers graduate from dive schools, they’re offered an apprenticeship to learn the trade skills. For example, they’ll learn common skills … Read more

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