Underwater Welding Process: Maximize Your Career

Underwater Welding Process Feature

The underwater welding process seems to defy logic: How does electricity flow through water leaving the underwater welder unscathed? As you might guess, there’s a lot more to it. Here’s a few factors to think about: Underwater welding works in a similar fashion to¬†topside welding, though the environment is different. Underwater welders take on risk, … Read more

48 Welding Slang Phrases to Talk Like a Metal Junkie Expert

Welding Jargon

In the construction world newbies often find themselves lost in common phrases and welding slang thrown around by fellow workers. Here’s the ultimate guide on welding slang and fabrication slang in the workforce. You’ll find categories in the following subjects: People & Characteristics Equipment &¬†Techniques Workshop Issues & Welding Situations Common Work Commands Your Blueprint … Read more

Money doesn’t Grow on Trees, but Welding Careers do

Welding Careers Feature

In my recent interaction with¬†Weld-Ed, I came across an interesting resource: A graphic representation of¬†potential future professions for prospective welders. To represent these professions, they created a tree whose branches extend high into the sky. As you can see, there are six primary branches from which every other career stems: Welding Management Education Sales Inspection … Read more