Brace Yourself: Riser Clamp Project Prepares Students for Offshore

Sponsored Content Wind. Rain. Heavy waves, rising up and pummeling down into the vast ocean waters below. As any offshore diver will tell you, the ocean isn’t always a calm place to work. Onboard oil rigs, commercial divers often spend their time securing the most valuable sections of the rig: Riser pipelines These risers funnel products like … Read more Brace Yourself: Riser Clamp Project Prepares Students for Offshore

Perfection in Underwater Inspection: Education to Exploring

Underwater Inspection Feature

Have you ever looked at a building scheduled for demolishment? They’re not a pretty site: Cracked foundations, shattered windows, caved-in roofs – you name it. Underwater, damage like this can happen even quicker if the structure isn’t maintained. Underwater inspection aids in the maintenance process. And those often involve an underwater welder. Basic Underwater Inspection … Read more Perfection in Underwater Inspection: Education to Exploring

Biz Wave: Oxylance Inc.

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Underwater Welding Types & Projects Wet Welding There are two forms of underwater welding. The one that is the most intriguing to everyone is underwater wet welding. This process is performed using a “stick” electrode that is especially prepared for welding in the water with no protection from the water. The process is wet SMAW … Read more Biz Wave: Oxylance Inc.

HAZMAT Decon: Decontaminating Properly


Water is rarely contaminant free. Even in water that appears quite clean, there’s often a mixture of diluted chemicals, solids and smaller molecules unseen to the naked eye. In places with less visibility, cleanliness is almost impossible gauge. Underwater welders involved in HAZMAT decon must be aware of their environment. Sometimes, the water isn’t contaminated enough to be … Read more HAZMAT Decon: Decontaminating Properly

Biz Wave: Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd

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When did Diving Magnets begin its business? Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd. began its business in January 2015 and launched the website ( soon after. We are based in South Africa, but we ship our products worldwide. At the moment we are an online store only. We are constantly working to improve our products and expanding … Read more Biz Wave: Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd

Biz Wave: Africa Dive Supplies

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Africa Dive Supplies originally started because two divers saw the demand for diving apparel and equipment in South Africa. How did you learn about this demand? Initially the idea to start Africa Dive Supplies stemmed from personalized clothing that was made for friends who are scuba divers, commercial divers and spear-fishermen. Realizing this was quite a … Read more Biz Wave: Africa Dive Supplies

Biz Wave: Nemo Power Tools

How long has your company, Nemo Power Tools, been around? We designed the drill 2012, and Nemo Power Tools Ltd was founded in 2014, after we made the decision to begin mass-producing our product. Do you manufacture other tools besides the electric drill (if not, do you have plans in development to manufacture other equipment)? … Read more Biz Wave: Nemo Power Tools

Biz Wave: Stanley Infrastructure

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When did Stanley Infrastructure start producing underwater equipment? Stanley acquired Ackley Manufacturing Co., a leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, in 1972. The company entered the underwater tool business shortly after acquisition. What types of facilities do you use to test your equipment, and what are some of the factors you measure in your testing? We have a … Read more Biz Wave: Stanley Infrastructure

Underwater Welding Equipment: Power Tools

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When you imagine an underwater welder, you probably see a careful, precise, analytical suit with a keen eye for miniscule details – even the smallest crack. But there’s another side to most welder-divers; a side that enjoys sending shockwaves and blasts of air through the water (not just electricity). In fact, demolition, cutting and securing go hand-in-hand with … Read more Underwater Welding Equipment: Power Tools

Underwater Welding Equipment: Essential Accessories

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How many accessory tools do you carry to a dive job? An experienced underwater welder could answer that question thousands of different ways, as every job is slightly different. Like topside construction, underwater welders can meet all kinds of unexpected challenges that require equipment ranging from a basic wrench to a full-fledged air-powered jackhammer. But … Read more Underwater Welding Equipment: Essential Accessories