Avoiding The Bends When Welding Underwater

The Bends underwater welding feature

The Bends, also known as Caisson Disease and decompression sickness, is one of the safety hazards when underwater welding. It is caused by dissolved gas, the majority of which is nitrogen, that comes out as bubbles during decompression. If you rise too quickly, these bubbles don’t have time to be reabsorbed into the body, and … Read more

Underwater Welder Life Expectancy: A Complicated Picture

Underwater Welding Life Expectancy_Feature

Thinking of signing up for underwater welding? It’s not a “typical” job, but underwater welders aren’t your typical crowd. During my interaction with welder-divers around the world, there’s a few commonalities I’ve seen among them: Go-getters Mechanical mindset Troubleshooters Passion for construction projects Eager for bottom time (in the water) Welder-diver: Danger of Job Stereotyping One … Read more

Biz Wave: A Significant Casualty

Significant Casualty Feature

Peter J. Pilkington, author of “A Significant Casualty“, takes us through the background and significance of his book. He began writing after his son, a former commercial diver, died in an offshore incident. How long after your son’s passing did you begin your book, “A Significant Casualty”? Did your ideas for the book change as you were writing it? … Read more