Top 3 Australian Underwater Welding Schools

On this side of the world, underwater welding schools offer Australia’s pristine diving environment: exotic wildlife, photogenic plant life and proper preparation for a career in underwater construction. Schools offer¬†underwater welders in entry-level diving, similar to other¬†training institutes¬†across the world. They issue all applicable certification for international work, including those backed by the¬†Australian Diver Accreditation … Read more

Diver Exploits: From Welding to the Waves

Diver Exploits Hunter

I don’t have any experience in the diving industry, although I am attending¬†Divers Institute of Technology (DIT)¬†to get the experience and certifications. As far as the construction industry goes, I have one¬†full year of welding, and one year of electrical experience. I consider myself both a risk-taker and an explorer. But I assess every situation, … Read more