Underwater Welding Jobs: Your Ultimate Resource

Underwater Welding Jobs Feature

We’ve carefully compiled the top online directories for dive-related jobs around the world, including: Underwater welding Commercial diving Oil & Gas Inland Shipping Maritime management All categories are organized alphabetically. Search through these directories and apply to specific diving businesses in the inland and offshore industries. Tailor your resume or CV and cover letter to the … Read more Underwater Welding Jobs: Your Ultimate Resource

Biz Wave: Rig Baby

Biz Wave Rig Baby Feature

“Rig Baby” is a very unique and creative name for a business. How did the idea come into being? The idea for “Rig Baby” was conceived – excuse the pun – when Julie was pregnant whilst her husband was working offshore. Once her baby girl came along, she decided to launch the website for mothers, wives … Read more Biz Wave: Rig Baby