Underwater Welding Jobs: Creating your Cover Letter

Underwater Welder Cover Letter_Feature

Underwater welders¬†have a hard time with cover letters. Though cover letters serve a great purpose, few take the time to create¬†substance. Most letters reek of construction clich√©s, maritime aspirations and stale diving descriptions. Consider: Your cover letter can breathe life or choke¬†your entire application. [adrotate group=”3″] It allows you greater¬†freedom with words, and it gives … Read more

Underwater Welders: Top 5 Resume Mistakes

Jobs. Most divers are quite pessimistic when it comes to employment. “It’s too tough out there.” “Good luck industry is dead mate but don’t let that dishearten you.” “Don’t even bother going to dive school.” Facing Employment Challenge Head on I’ve heard it all before. And it’s true: Finding steady employment in the maritime industry … Read more