Biz Wave: MagnumUSA

MagnumUSA Feature

Years ago, you were racing cars. How did this transition into a passion for the cutting and welding industry? Racing cars led to industrial engineering assignments with emphasis on facilitating novel welding methods leading to productivity improvements. With ExoBlade trademarked technology, you can make specialized cutting for varied widths, saving on excess inventory. How long … Read more Biz Wave: MagnumUSA

Underwater Welding Equipment: Stinger, Electrode & Machine

Underwater Welding Stinger Electrode Machine Feature

Indiana Jones keeps his whip handy, and Thor always packs his hammer to vanquish his foes. So it is with underwater welders. Each chooses preferred brands of their equipment, but all must use three essential items to complete their assigned welding projects: A welding machine, stinger and electrodes. This equipment can vary in range of price, quality and … Read more Underwater Welding Equipment: Stinger, Electrode & Machine