Commercial Divers International


Commercial Divers International (CDI) offers a complete commercial diver training program that will prepare you to succeed in the marine construction and commercial diving industries after 28 weeks. Beginning in a controlled environment onsite, you will learn to use industry standard equipment, then use your training in open water to complete the dives needed to earn your certification.

CDI’s founders know what skills are in high demand in the commercial diving and marine construction industries. Not just in theory, but through over 20 years of practice operating on commercial diving projects of all sizes and conditions. We work to develop the skills and habits necessary for our students to be the type of diver we would want to work with.

Training in the water at commercial divers international


Tuition: $17,500

Financial Aid: Interest-only payments while in school, in-house financing, private credit-based loans


Complete Commercial Diver Program (28 weeks)


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Phone Number

623-882-DIVE (3483)


4055 S. Sarival Ave.

Goodyear, AZ 85338