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Brace Yourself: Riser Clamp Project Prepares Students for Offshore

Sponsored Content Wind. Rain. Heavy waves, rising up and pummeling down into the vast ocean waters below. As any offshore diver will tell you, the ocean isn’t always a calm place to work. Onboard oil rigs, commercial divers often spend their time securing the most valuable sections of the rig: Riser pipelines These risers funnel products like […]

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Biz Wave: Maritime Injury Center

What types of services does your company offer? What’s your primary goal in the maritime industry? We offer information about maritime laws and resources for those working in the industry or their families. The resources include access to legal experts who can provide advice about filing claims, filing lawsuits, and seeking compensation for maritime workers […]

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3 Types of Marine Structures & How They Shape the Industry

Metal’s relationship to marine structures is necessary to the continuation of trade and vital to manage natural resources. Ports and jetties are the access point to the oceans and require specific fortifications to maintain longevity. Platforms offer an anchored presence to a specific area in the ocean for commercial use. Semi-submersibles and floating platforms can effectively transport […]

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Training for a Career as an ADAS Commercial Diver

Amelia (Milly) Bartlem from Queensland, Australia shares her experience of training with The Underwater Centre, Tasmania; starting out in her career as an ADAS commercial diver and her advice to others who may be considering training for a new career, subsea. What attracted you to a career in commercial diving? ‘I’ve always loved being outdoors, […]

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13 Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Characteristics

Finding the best auto darkening welding helmet will be one of the most important pursuits you’ll make as a professional welder, so you should invest wisely. Here are 13 things you should look for when considering a new hood: Top 13 Traits for the Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 1. Weight The weight of the helmet […]

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HAZMAT Diver: Equipment & Procedures Used

Hazardous materials divers, also called a HAZMAT diver, have exceptionally dangerous jobs. They find themselves in precarious conditions, and regularly expose themselves to contamination such as fuel spills or radioactive material. However, the extreme dangers these divers face can be minimized through intense training, the right dive gear, and a thorough decontamination processes. Here’s how: HAZMAT […]

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Perfection in Underwater Inspection: Education to Exploring

Have you ever looked at a building scheduled for demolishment? They’re not a pretty site: Cracked foundations, shattered windows, caved-in roofs – you name it. Underwater, damage like this can happen even quicker if the structure isn’t maintained. Underwater inspection aids in the maintenance process. And those often involve an underwater welder. Basic Underwater Inspection […]

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Underwater Welding Process: Maximize Your Career

The underwater welding process seems to defy logic: How does electricity flow through water leaving the underwater welder unscathed? As you might guess, there’s a lot more to it. Here’s a few factors to think about: Underwater welding works in a similar fashion to topside welding, though the environment is different. Underwater welders take on risk, […]

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