How to Pass a Welding Test: Easy Tips That Will Help You

MIG welding

Becoming an approved welder increases your opportunities of getting a job offer to work with a top employer. But first, you have to take and pass the welding test. Your knowledge of welding theory and command of hands-on practical expertise in your welding specialty is tested. Although there’s nothing that can replace assiduous study for […]

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Where to Get Welding Gas & How Much Should You Pay?


In past decades, stick welders did not have much information about gases with regards to welding. This whole concept changed with the invention of TIG and MIG welding machines and their constant rise in usage. Gas is now considered a common commodity in most welding workshops. But how much does welding gas cost? If you’re […]

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What Shade Lens to Use for MIG Welding


Among the essential items in a welder’s protective equipment kit is a shade lens. Having the appropriate shade lens will protect a welder from radiations, spatters, and sparks produced during welding. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission report, over 10,000 eye injury cases are reported in the USA annually. A large number of […]

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What is Undercut in Welding (Causes & Possible Remedies)

undercut in welding

An undercut is a surface and subsurface defect resulting from grooves within the parent metal area. Like all other defects, instead of improving the joint strength, it introduces weak points that often propagate structural failure. At the microscale level, the micro-cracks are observed within the defective surface, meaning material failure is inevitable if not remedied […]

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What is Tack Welding? Understanding it Thoroughly

Close up Tack weld

There are a variety of welding processes that use different equipment. While ‘tack welding’ might seem like just one process among many, it is actually a specific application of any welding process. Without tacking, as it is commonly called, welding accurately and to proper specifications would be impossible. Tacking is essential for any welder, but […]

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What Do the Numbers on a Welding Rod Mean?


You are often not consciously thinking about the numbers on a welding rod while you are actually welding. When you’re holding that stinger and laying beads into a joint, aside from your overall welding skill and knowledge of the machine, there are factors that determine the quality of the weld. It starts with the kind […]

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How Hot is a Welding Arc?


We all know welding includes hot hot heat, but how hot is the welding arc, really? On average, a welding arc is between 6500 and 10,000˙F. But a plasma arc can be up to 50,000˙F! Welding is a curious trade. Whereas the work involved with trades such as masonry or carpentry can all be observed […]

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How to Remove Welding (With and Without a Grinder)

plasma cutting

If you’ve carried out welding for some time, then you know that it’s the procedure of joining metals together using electricity. Welding is used in nearly every industry to form intricate structures and frameworks out of metals. Not only do you require knowledge on how to weld, but also how to remove the weld. It […]

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What is Slag in Welding, and How Does It Work?

solidified slag

Slag in welding can be defined as “stony waste that is separated from metals during the smelting or refining of ore.” While we are not dealing with ore when we are welding, welding slag is also separated from the base and filler metals during welding. It is then chipped off and cleaned up later on. […]

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