7 TIG Welding Projects to DIY Today (With Videos)

close up Tig welding stainless steel work

One of the most precise and artsy ways to weld is using the TIG welding method. With its relatively low heat input, you can weld sensitive or thinner materials without fear of damaging them. It also requires quite a bit of finesse to make quality welds. Here are some relatively simple TIG welding projects to […]

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How Much Does Welding School Cost in Canada? (2022 Update)

Metal work student training in workshop

Are you considering a career in welding? Or are you interested in learning more about apprenticeship programs in Canada? If yes, understanding how much welding schools in Canada cost is an excellent start. Apart from the good pay, welding is an exciting and fulfilling career. But you have to attend welding school first to become […]

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20 Farm Welding Projects To DIY Today (With Videos)

farmer welding the harrows

If you have a farm or large property, you probably handle most of the maintenance yourself. However, the equipment you need to maintain the property will also need care. Many of these projects are geared toward equipment repairs, but some focus on constructing valuable items. A good welder must be able to fabricate as well […]

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8 DIY Welding Tool Plans You Can Assemble Yourself

edge of Metal welding table

Every welder will find themselves working independently at some point. There’s not always an extra set of hands to hold a part steady. The truth is that many welder’s tools are overpriced at the hardware store. If you have the materials lying around your shop, you can make many of them in just a couple […]

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30 Horseshoe Welding Projects to DIY Today (With Videos)

Welded horseshoe handle

There’s more you can do with old horseshoes than toss them or use them as paperweights. They’ve got a rustic appeal, but they are also incredibly sturdy and can be used for several purposes. Most horseshoes are made of mild steel. So, whether you are a novice or a veteran welder, you should find them […]

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Stick Welding For Beginners: 11 Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

welder welding steel structure by stick welding

Stick welding, also referred to as flux shielded arc welding, is a welding method that utilizes a consumable electrode covered with a flux to create the weld. The process is done by striking an electric arc between the metal electrode and your workpiece. An electric current passes through the metal electrode, making it melt into […]

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