How Much Do Union Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

group of welders

Welding is an excellent career path to follow. Though mentally and physically demanding, it is perfect for those who like taking on difficult and challenging tasks. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 4% employment growth in welding from 2014 to 2026. This growth is in the gas and arc-welding sector. One […]

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How Much Do Certified Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

certified welder at work

Certified welders play a crucial role in many fabrication and assembly works. Certified welders are qualified to work on different machinery, structures, and tools. It may seem easy because the process seems simple, but it requires much concentration and knowledge. They use an arc welder to weld stainless steel, steel, aluminum, or other metals. Usually, […]

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How Much Do Oil Rig Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

oil rig welder at work

Do you have what it takes to excel as an oil rig welder? And, are you wondering about their pay rates? Then, you’re not alone. Every company that works with oil or gas has an entire department dedicated to maintaining its equipment. Oil rig welders perform this maintenance. That’s why oil rig welding is a […]

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How Much Do Pipeline Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

pipeline welder

Have you ever wondered how much a pipeline welder makes? What is the average pipeline welder salary? We have compiled some crucial facts about how much pipeline welders make in this article including 2021 salary statistics and the average salaries for pipeline welders. Keep reading! Average Pipeline Welder Salary The average salary of a pipeline […]

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How Much Do Structural Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

structural welder at work

Do you know how much money structural welders make? You will be surprised to discover the salary statistics of structural welders. Structural welders weld structures. These days, it is one of the most sought-after job opportunities in welding. Structural welding professionals are not restricted to only working in construction sites. They can spread their wings […]

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How Much Do TIG Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

TIG welder at work

Do you want to become a TIG welder? Are you curious about how much you can make if you become one? Don’t worry. We have everything you need to know about a TIG welder’s salary. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is one of the hottest topics in welding education today. It has become the most […]

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How Much Do Welding Engineers Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

two welding engineers

Welding Engineers (also known as welding technicians) are in-demand career professionals. They contribute a great deal towards the efficient manufacturing of industrial products. It translates to a higher demand for welding engineers in many industrial sectors. Earning a good income is something many welders desire. Becoming one of these success stories takes careful planning and […]

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How Much Do Welders in Ohio Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

man welding a bus

Are you thinking about becoming a welder in Ohio? As a welder, there are various job opportunities in this state. Furthermore, the salary can be lucrative in this state. Welding provides a stable career, and depending on where you work, it can offer excellent benefits and vacation time. Welders in Ohio do well compared to […]

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How Much Do Welders Make in Texas? 2022 Statistics

welder working on big project

Texas is a great place to live out your welding career. The State is home to huge companies associated with welding, including Space X and General Electric, not to mention the myriad oil drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico, which means there are plenty of welding jobs to go around. However, everything comes down […]

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