Before the Big Leagues: Life as a Tender


No one enters the army as a general. And no one starts their first job as a full-fledged, high paid underwater welder. If you’re like the vast majority of divers, prepare for your first job title: Dive tender. Dive tenders “tend” to the needs (and wants) of commercial divers. They’re usually busy for most of the […]

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5 Ways to Boost Mechanical Skills: #2 is CRUCIAL for Welders


Source: College Major Quiz When I was in high school, we had a term for people who could ace tests, but then walk out the door and not understand a single way to apply their “book” knowledge. We called them “Four – Oh’s.” That referred to their incredible GPA (4.0) and lack of street smarts. […]

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6 Shocking Underwater Welding Dangers & Powerful Safety Solutions


Safety first. And last. If you’ve ever worked under a diving adviser or taken a welding class, safety is the primary emphasis. Because underwater welding dangers are prevalent, safety is of equally high importance. A little common sense and understanding of diving operations make all the difference. Underwater welding is not the most dangerous job in the world. Not by […]

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5 Underwater Welding Information Essentials to a Career


Learning about underwater welding information can feel like you’re drowning in a sea of the unknown. It’s a field mixed with rumors, technicalities and bizarre stories. So what do you need to know to help you determine if this is a good career choice? Let’s set the record straight: Top 5 Underwater Welding Information Facts […]

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HAZMAT Diver: Equipment & Procedures Used


Hazardous materials divers, also called a HAZMAT diver, have exceptionally dangerous jobs. They find themselves in precarious conditions, and regularly expose themselves to contamination such as fuel spills or radioactive material. However, the extreme dangers these divers face can be minimized through intense training, the right dive gear, and a thorough decontamination processes. Here’s how: HAZMAT […]

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Underwater Welding Equipment: Essential Accessories


How many accessory tools do you carry to a dive job? An experienced underwater welder could answer that question thousands of different ways, as every job is slightly different. Like topside construction, underwater welders can meet all kinds of unexpected challenges that require equipment ranging from a basic wrench to a full-fledged air-powered jackhammer. But […]

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Underwater Welding Equipment: Stinger, Electrode & Machine


Indiana Jones keeps his whip handy, and Thor always packs his hammer to vanquish his foes. So it is with underwater welders. Each chooses preferred brands of their equipment, but all must use three essential items to complete their assigned welding projects: A welding machine, stinger and electrodes. This equipment can vary in range of price, quality and […]

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Underwater Welding Equipment: Power Tools

When you imagine an underwater welder, you probably see a careful, precise, analytical suit with a keen eye for minuscule details – even the smallest crack. But there’s another side to most welder-divers; a side that enjoys sending shockwaves and blasts of air through the water (not just electricity). In fact, demolition, cutting, and securing […]

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Practical Guide to Underwater Welding Equipment & Purpose


Finding the right tools for an underwater welding project can be daunting. There’s a lot to take into consideration: Purpose Function Quality Welder-divers need the right equipment to perform their jobs accurately, efficiently and safely. This guide can help you navigate the process of choosing underwater welding equipment. 6 Underwater Welding Equipment Essentials Each welding job is slightly different. Their suit […]

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