Underwater Welding Life Expectancy_Feature

Underwater Welder Life Expectancy: A Complicated Picture

Thinking of signing up for underwater welding? It’s not a “typical” job, but underwater welders aren’t your typical crowd. During my interaction with welder-divers around the world, there’s a few commonalities I’ve seen among them: Go-getters Mechanical mindset Troubleshooters Passion for construction projects Eager for bottom time (in the water) Welder-diver: Danger of Job Stereotyping One […]

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Underwater Welding Jobs Feature

Underwater Welding Jobs: Your Ultimate Resource

We’ve carefully compiled the top online directories for dive-related jobs around the world, including: Underwater welding Commercial diving Oil & Gas Inland Shipping Maritime management All categories are organized alphabetically. Search through these directories and apply to specific diving businesses in the inland and offshore industries. Tailor your resume or CV and cover letter to the […]

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HAZMAT Decon: Decontaminating Properly

Water is rarely contaminant free. Even in water that appears quite clean, there’s often a mixture of diluted chemicals, solids and smaller molecules unseen to the naked eye. In places with less visibility, cleanliness is almost impossible gauge. Underwater welders involved in HAZMAT decon must be aware of their environment. Sometimes, the water isn’t contaminated enough to be […]

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Significant Casualty Feature

Biz Wave: A Significant Casualty

Peter J. Pilkington, author of “A Significant Casualty“, takes us through the background and significance of his book. He began writing after his son, a former commercial diver, died in an offshore incident. How long after your son’s passing did you begin your book, “A Significant Casualty”? Did your ideas for the book change as you were writing it? […]

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Biz Wave: U.S. Underwater Services, LLC

About five years ago, U.S. Underwater Services, LLC (USUS) moved to Mansfield, TX. What was the main reason for the move and how did it help the company? At the time of our move, USUS was owned by Neptune Marine Services of Perth, Australia. A move to a newer, bigger, and more modern facility was […]

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Diver Exploits Steve Feature

Diver Exploits: Training Surprises & the Power of Unions

I’ve been interested in diving and construction from a young age. Back when I was 14, my first scuba diving experience was a five-minute crash course in a pool, and then an hour dive looking at fish in their natural habitat. That’s what got me hooked; I loved the exploration of a world I’d never […]

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Deep Dives Feature

How Deep Can a Human Dive? Top 3 World-Record Dives

If you’re wondering how deep can a human dive, remember that divers have died trying to break the depth record. The deepest dive on record is 1082 feet (332 meters) set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. That depth is the equivalent to approximately 10 NBA basketball courts aligned vertically. In terms of pressure, that’s about 485 pounds […]

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John Clarke Feature

Biz Wave: John R. Clarke & Middle Waters

What are some of your primary responsibilities as the Director at the United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit? I have been the NEDU Scientific Director since 1991. As such, I am responsible for the scientific rigor and validity of all of our scientific and engineering products. I lead a team that reviews the scientific methods […]

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Diver Exploits Hunter

Diver Exploits: From Welding to the Waves

I don’t have any experience in the diving industry, although I am attending Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) to get the experience and certifications. As far as the construction industry goes, I have one full year of welding, and one year of electrical experience. I consider myself both a risk-taker and an explorer. But I assess every situation, […]

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