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13 Welding Project Ideas to Build For Home or to Sell

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Whether you’re a hobby welder or a professional in the trade, DIY projects can be loads of fun. But it’s even better when you have plans to work from that have been tried and tested, so you know your labor will pay off.

We have a list of 55 projects, both small and large, from simple ones to more challenging ones designed for indoor and outdoor use. Each project has been made at least once, but usually a few times. They come with thorough instructions and photos, and some include videos displaying exactly how to complete them.

The lists are separated between beginner and advanced projects. Have a look through and choose your next item to fabricate.

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13 Welding Project Ideas

Beginner Welding Projects

1. Corner Desk by Youtube

Corner desks are a perfect option to utilize space. I like the stabilizing bars in between the end frames. This makes it super strong while giving it a classy look. Read these instructions to fabricate one for yourself.

Intermediate Welding Projects

2. Firewood Storage Dolly by Youtube

No one likes lugging bucketloads of firewood to their fireplace. Follow the instructions for this project instead. It not only serves as a dolly; it can double as your indoor wood shelf too.

Advanced Welding Projects

3. Stainless Steel Fireplace Screen Project by Youtube

Take a look at the instructions for this fireplace screen if you want to make one for yourself. It’s simple, but it has an appealing look and is useful for helping keep your fireplace safe against those unwanted hands getting through.

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Stools, Benches, and Chairs

4. Height Adjusting Stool by Youtube

My local Pizza Hut has these throughout its store. They are great for adjusting quickly for people of different heights. This is another one of our quick beginner welding projects with clear instructions to follow that turns out exceptional.

5. Stylish Stool by Youtube

Usually, one less leg on a footstool ruins its intent. This time, its strength remains solid while it has a unique look that will stand out in the room. Read through the instructions to fabricate it for yourself.

Tables and Desks

6. Coffee Table by Youtube

Tables can cost a fortune to buy and can get a hammering if you have kids. This pallet coffee table is inexpensive and will withstand most things thrown at it. Even hot mug marks would only add to its rustic look. Check out the instructions here.

7. Modern Outdoor Table by Youtube

The design of this table is far easier than it looks. If you’re into modern-shaped furniture with a warm earthy look, this would be a perfect option for you to have a go at making.

8. Unique Square Coffee Table by Youtube

These coffee tables are incredibly simple in their design, but create a stunning look that gives the illusion of more space in your lounge while providing plenty of table space. Give this beginner welding project a try and let us know how they turned out.


9. Stunning Outdoor Light by Youtube

This is one of my favorite designs in the list we have made. It’s simple to make but creates a spectacular look you can hang on your own house. Give it a try for yourself.

10. Star Light by Youtube

Whether it’s Christmas time, or you’re after a lighting decoration for your house, this star light is a brilliant project. Bring some creativity to your home with a handmade project like this without the need to think up a design. Simply follow these instructions.

Fire Pits and Stoves

11. Triangular Brazier Project by Youtube

This brazier’s a bit smaller than the one above, but it has a smart-looking finish and doesn’t take up too much space. Check out the design to get building, and let us know how it went in the comment section below.

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Furniture and Home

12. Stainless Steel Handrail by Youtube

If you are after a brilliant handrail for your project, read these instructions for an easy guide to a fantastic outcome. I like the polished finish in this example, but you can leave it with whatever finish best suits your house.

13. Stainless Door by Youtube

This door is impressive for a stick welding job and is an advanced welding project. You can TIG, MIG, or stick weld it, but follow these instructions, and the result will parallel this example.

Other projects to try:

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our list of 55 DIY welding projects. With a bit of online guidance like this, you can have the confidence to fabricate amazing creations in the confines of your own home.

Let us know your comments below, especially if you enjoyed creating some of these great projects. We’d love to hear from you.

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