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55 Welding Project Ideas to Build For Home or to Sell

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Whether you’re a hobby welder or a professional in the trade, DIY projects can be loads of fun. But it’s even better when you have plans to work from that have been tried and tested, so you know your labor will pay off.

We have a list of 55 projects, both small and large, from simple ones to more challenging ones designed for indoor and outdoor use. Each project has been made at least once, but usually a few times. They come with thorough instructions and photos, and some include videos displaying exactly how to complete them.

The lists are separated between beginner and advanced projects. Have a look through and choose your next item to fabricate.

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55 Welding Project Ideas

Beginner Welding Projects

1. Horseshoe Puzzle Welding Project

If you’re a puzzle lover, this classic horseshoe puzzle is the perfect option for you. I can still never get that ring off, but if you follow the instructions, it’s a simple project to make, and you might be brighter than me and get the two apart.

2. Rustic Planter Vase

A simple project like this can be really effective in the right space. I love the rustic look, and for the time it takes to make it, this would be a great choice to get fabricating for your home. See the instructions here.

3. Welded Portraits Project

Everyone has a favorite character or person who inspires them, and you may even have a picture of them on your wall. Get your creative juices flowing with these portrait instructions and bring them to weldable life. It’s incredible how realistic they look with only a few welds.

4. Wine Bottle Holder

If you have some old chain lying around, clear your shed of it and turn it into a wine holder like this. It looks great and is very useful for holding your wine bottle securely. As the instructions show, it’s simple to make and should take you less than half an hour to complete.

5. Corner Desk

Corner desks are a perfect option to utilize space. I like the stabilizing bars in between the end frames. This makes it super strong while giving it a classy look. Read these instructions to fabricate one for yourself.

Intermediate Welding Projects

6. Glowing Flower Project Idea

You can add a glowing touch to your garden with this clever spoon design. It’s a simple project that would look amazing in your backyard. Have a go at fabricating this for yourself.

7. Firewood Storage Dolly

No one likes lugging bucketloads of firewood to their fireplace. Follow the instructions for this project instead. It not only serves as a dolly; it can double as your indoor wood shelf too.

8. Simple Set of Stairs

Have a read of these instructions to see how easy it can be to fabricate a stair set. Only two stairsteps are displayed, but the smooth layout will make a stunning result for however many you need at your home.

9. Hanging Shelves

This hanging shelf system is incredibly strong and gives a modern industrial look to any location it’s put in. It’s a simple design, easy to make and very effective. I’m impressed.

10. Small Garden Trellis Arc

Are you green-fingered with a bit of welding skill? Give your vines a place to grow with this garden trellis. It’s a basic design that looks great and will provide the growth area you need to spread out your vines.

11. House Shaped Trellis

For some larger vines like passionfruit or grapes, this house-shaped trellis would make a stunning addition to your garden. It would look exceptional with the vines covering it, and it’s the perfect height to provide easy access. Follow the instructions here.

Advanced Welding Projects

12. Enlarged Atom Project

Can you imagine that there are a million billion of these in a single speck of dust? Incredible! Have a go at welding up one of these giant ones by following the instructions here, and you can marvel over the design of the atom in an expanded view.

13. Micro Mug Burner

Tired of your coffee going cold? It doesn’t take much to make this micro burner designed just for your mug. You can enjoy hot coffees at any time of the day now. Just follow these instructions.

14. Welding Trolley Project

This is every new welder owner’s favorite project. It’s so handy having a cart to glide your welder around, rather than lugging it to and fro by hand or with a makeshift trolley not designed for a welder. Follow the instructions here.

15. Steel Rose Welding Project

We all know how much buying flowers means to certain people, but I find it such a waste given how short a time they last. Making this stunning rose will give a lasting impression that won’t fade like a garden rose will. If not given as a gift, it could make a brilliant addition to your own mantelpiece. See the instructions here.

16. Creative Log Burner Fireguard

Watching their toddler burn themselves is every parent’s worst nightmare. Follow this design, and you will have a unique homemade fireguard to help keep your children safe. Another idea is to take this design and use it to weld a dog crate.

17. Stainless Steel Fireplace Screen Project

Take a look at the instructions for this fireplace screen if you want to make one for yourself. It’s simple, but it has an appealing look and is useful for helping keep your fireplace safe against those unwanted hands getting through.

18. Tandem Bike

It’s been my dream to own a tandem bike, and now it can become a reality with this homemade bike design. Check the instructions out and see if you can create one as cool. Your family and friends will love it.

19. Go-Kart Buggy

This project looks like fun to make. It may seem like a bit of a big one to dive into, but with a few second-hand items, you will be surprised how affordable and easy it is to complete if you follow the instructions.

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Stools, Benches, and Chairs

20. Simple Stool

Sometimes less is better. The simple, clean design of this stool makes for a quick project that turns out strong and will effectively take anyone wanting to sit on it.

21. Tapered Bar Stool

Dark brown and black always go so well together, especially in this bar stool. The design uses angle sections for an attractive look that keeps its weight down without compromising its strength.

22. Suspension Stool

These impressive stools can be yours to own if you want to get welding with this design. They’re made entirely out of scrap metal you can find at your local scrap house and are super comfy to sit on.

23. Sculptured Bench

If you’re into art or need a feature item in your home, this sculptured bench might be just what you’re after. It’s unique, strong, and surprisingly easy to make. Take a look at the instructions here.

24. Height Adjusting Stool

My local Pizza Hut has these throughout its store. They are great for adjusting quickly for people of different heights. This is another one of our quick beginner welding projects with clear instructions to follow that turns out exceptional.

25. Hammock Rocking Chair

Lots of people enjoy relaxing in a hammock, but they can be a hassle to get in and out of, and some people just don’t have the right place in their home to hang one. This hammock-like rocking chair design can solve both problems. There is no need to hang this one, and it rocks to help you on and off.

26. Stylish Stool

Usually, one less leg on a footstool ruins its intent. This time, its strength remains solid while it has a unique look that will stand out in the room. Read through the instructions to fabricate it for yourself.

Tables and Desks

27. Paired Block Table Set

Sometimes it’s great to have extra couch-side tables or stools when you have friends over, but space can often be such a problem. This smart design enables you to slip one under the other neatly while providing the option for an extra couple of tables or stools. These are a brilliant idea.

28. Coffee Table

Tables can cost a fortune to buy and can get a hammering if you have kids. This pallet coffee table is inexpensive and will withstand most things thrown at it. Even hot mug marks would only add to its rustic look. Check out the instructions here.

29. Modern Outdoor Table

The design of this table is far easier than it looks. If you’re into modern-shaped furniture with a warm earthy look, this would be a perfect option for you to have a go at making.

30. Unique Square Coffee Table

These coffee tables are incredibly simple in their design, but create a stunning look that gives the illusion of more space in your lounge while providing plenty of table space. Give this beginner welding project a try and let us know how they turned out.

31. Full Dining Table Set

Do you need a new full dining room set? If you want to create something that looks amazing without much cost, check out these instructions to bring this table to life in your own home. You can create four single chairs, or two sitting benches if you don’t like the mixed option here.

32. Tee Desk

If you need some serious desk space, or want to fill an empty section of your house or workplace, this tee desk would work well. The instructions display how sturdy it is, yet it’s a simple project to undertake.


33. Stunning Outdoor Light

This is one of my favorite designs in the list we have made. It’s simple to make but creates a spectacular look you can hang on your own house. Give it a try for yourself.

34. Star Light

Whether it’s Christmas time, or you’re after a lighting decoration for your house, this star light is a brilliant project. Bring some creativity to your home with a handmade project like this without the need to think up a design. Simply follow these instructions.

35. Candle Light Tree

This is like a Christmas tree, but better. It has a simple minimalist look with the natural glow of fire, and it leaves no trace of Christmas tree needles on your carpet. Check out the design here.

36. Ball And Chain

Who’s been a pain to you recently? Follow these instructions for a solution to your problem. It’s not the heaviest ball to drag around, but it would teach anyone a lesson having this bolted to them for a day. (We’re kidding, of course, but this would make an interesting art piece.)


37. Giant Spider

I’m no spider fan, but this roof-sized one is impressive. With a few bends, some welds, and an old $5 bowling ball from your local thrift store, you can have one on your roof too. Check out the designs here.

38. Centipede

I’m not sure what’s more creepy, the spider or these centipedes. Either way, the designer did a great job, and you can follow their instructions to make some for yourself.

39. Stainless Steel Polygon Bowl

Need a fruit bowl, or a decorative piece for your bench? This project will turn out excellently if you have access to a bit of stainless steel plate. It’s great to jump into a clever project like this when someone’s done the hard work for you and come up with a design, and with the right tools and support, this could be a good beginner welding project.

40. Stainless Steel Vase

Similar to the polygon bowl above, this vase has an impressive design that will complement any flowers added to it while still looking great as a stand-alone piece. Read through the instructions to make it for your next venture.

41. Outdoor Vase

This outdoor vase has been made out of chequer plate, which looks stunning, but a stainless steel version would be a great option too. Choose your favorite material and get welding with these instructions.

42. Flower Bouquet

Are you struggling to find gift ideas for that special person in your life? Or maybe you’re too busy in the workshop to go out and buy something? Whatever the issue, solve it with this creative flower design. They will love the eloquent construction and won’t mind the hours it takes you in the workshop to get it finished.

43. Stainless Biplane

I love the final result of the biplane. Although the directions finish it with paint, I’m passionate about a clean stainless finish, and would personally pickle/buff this and leave it as is. Regardless of how you would like it finished, read the instructions, and feel proud to own this masterpiece for yourself.

Fire Pits and Stoves

44. Wood Burning Stove

I love this little beauty. It’s small but has a long flue to keep the smoke away while creating sufficient heat to provide some warmth on a cold morning. It’s perfect for heating your kettle or doing any stovetop cooking. Follow these instructions to fabricate it for yourself.

45. Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Who doesn’t love a fresh wood-fired pizza? With some modifying of two old tanks and some scrap metal, you can have your own. Follow these instructions to learn how.

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46. Triangular Brazier Project

This brazier’s a bit smaller than the one above, but it has a smart-looking finish and doesn’t take up too much space. Check out the design to get building, and let us know how it went in the comment section below.

47. Fire Pit

Every house should have its own fire pit for outdoor parties and s’mores with the family. There’s enough room to get a hefty fire going in this design. Follow these simple instructions to make one for yourself, and you’ll keep all your family and friends happy.

48. Smoker

Most people love smoked meat. Get your own smoking with these instructions, and you can enjoy your favorite food smoked at any time you like. It also cranks out the heat in the winter, for an extra bonus.

49. Turbine Fire Pit

The design of this fire pit is incredible. If you’re interested in giving this a go for your next project, read these instructions and get the heat blowing around your next winter party. With a few modifications, the designer perfected the turbine to spin without putting out the fire.

Furniture and Home

50. Corner Couch

The cost of a decent sectional sofa from a retail store is astronomical. If you get your welder out with a few lengths of steel, you can make this simple base to create your very own economical version of the store-bought ones. You can find all you need to build it in these instructions.

51. Stainless Steel Shower

If you love stainless showers but want the satisfaction of making your own at a fraction of the cost, have a look at this design to get fabricating one yourself. The instructions are for the completion of the whole shower.

52. Gazebo

If you’re up for a more significant challenge, the instructions for this Gazebo will turn the picture into a reality on your property. It’s not a single person’s job, but with a friend or two to help, It will be up in a breeze.

53. Stainless Steel Handrail

If you are after a brilliant handrail for your project, read these instructions for an easy guide to a fantastic outcome. I like the polished finish in this example, but you can leave it with whatever finish best suits your house.

54. Stainless Door

This door is impressive for a stick welding job and is an advanced welding project. You can TIG, MIG, or stick weld it, but follow these instructions, and the result will parallel this example.

55. Steel And Glass Partitioning Wall

This is another larger project if you’re feeling game. I have seen partitioning walls like this before and have always loved them. To have such a simple yet thorough set of instructions makes me excited to give it a go myself.

Other projects to try:

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our list of 55 DIY welding projects. With a bit of online guidance like this, you can have the confidence to fabricate amazing creations in the confines of your own home.

Let us know your comments below, especially if you enjoyed creating some of these great projects. We’d love to hear from you.

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