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Cameron grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a once-proud steel town on the Lehigh River, where he got a taste of TIG welding in his high school shop class. He holds certificates for Certified WeldingEducator (CWE) and Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) from the American Welding Institute. His interests include scuba diving, sculpture, and kayaking.

How Much Does It Cost to Weld a Catalytic Converter in 2022?

person welding car exhaust system

Are you looking for a reliable welder to weld a catalytic converter on your vehicle and wondering how much it would cost you? If yes, keep reading! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about welding catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are essential parts of most vehicles. They clean up emissions coming from the engine. […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Weld a Muffler in 2022?

man welding a muffler in car workshop

Welding is a process that can range from an easy skill level to an expert level undertaking. But welding a muffler isn’t something you have to do all the time, which explains why most people may not know the cost. Looking up quotes online can prove challenging because there is scanty and varying information. This […]

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8 DIY Welding Positioner Plans You Can Assemble Yourself

man welding a metal tube placed on a weld positioner

Are you working on a DIY welding project in the next few days? If yes, these DIY welding positioner plans will be helpful to you! A welding positioner prevents the flame from getting into contact with any combustibles. Also, it ensures that the cutting, welding, and heating operations are safe and efficient. Making your welding […]

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Worst and Best States for Welding Jobs in 2022

person welding a tube pipe

As a welder, you may be required to move to another state for a better salary, job opportunities, and benefits. Do some research before making any hasty decisions. There’s a lot of competition for the best welding jobs. For some people in the welding industry, that means going after whatever is available—even if it’s not […]

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Welding Industry Statistics and Market Size (Updated in 2022)

man welding in the factory

Note: This article’s statistics come from third-party sources and do not represent the opinions of this website. Welding is both an art and a skill used in the manufacturing process that joins metals. It uses intense heat to melt and fuse overlaying materials together. Apart from joining metals, you can use it on other materials […]

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How Common Are Welding Accidents & Injuries? (2022 Statistics)

First aid welding injury

Have you ever wondered how frequent welding accidents occur and the root cause of these accidents? Welding is a crucial job, and having reliable welding equipment can enhance this profession. Still, welding accidents occur. In this article, we’ll discuss how common welding accidents and injuries are. We’ll also look at various welding accidents statistics and […]

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How Dangerous is Welding? Hazards & Things to Know

caution sign during welding

Whether you’ve been welding for years or are just starting, the big question is, “have you ever wondered how dangerous it is?” Well, it seems the risk of injury or fatality can vary depending on many factors. So, what should you know about welding hazards? Welding has been around for a long time and has […]

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What is a Structural Welder, And How Do You Become One?

a structural welder working

Structural welders are in high demand right now. If you wish to become one, there are plenty of job opportunities from the construction of buildings to bridges. And, if you can land one of these positions in your career, you’re in luck. These jobs offer excellent income for people who are just starting. In this […]

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