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Cameron grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a once-proud steel town on the Lehigh River, where he got a taste of TIG welding in his high school shop class. He holds certificates for Certified WeldingEducator (CWE) and Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) from the American Welding Institute. His interests include scuba diving, sculpture, and kayaking.

Where to Buy Scrap Metal for Welding in 2021


Now that 2021 is here, it’s time to get back to those unfinished projects. But, where can you source the best scrap metal in your area? Also, did you know that scrap metal I one of the most valuable items in the country? For example, Copper #1 costs $4 per pound. Searching for scrap metal […]

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What is Laser Welding? How Does it Work?

a laser welding machine in motion

Laser welding is a procedure in which metals or thermoplastics are connected to create a weld using a laser gleam. Due to the concentrated heat source, laser welding can be performed at high welding velocities in meters per minute in thin materials. In thicker materials, it can generate slender, deep welds between parts with square […]

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What is Peening in Welding?

peening metal

Peening is a welding process that helps the weld joints to reduce stress concentration. By peening, the weld joint stretches as it undergoes cooling, relieving it of its internal stress. Peening is applied to fillet welds or weld joints with shallow cracks on the surface as it increases the fatigue resistance. One could argue that […]

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How to Price Your Welding Jobs

Gas metal arc welding or GMAW

Welding is a useful, hands-on occupation in the building, infrastructure development, and pipe-making industries. Welders may get projects from government entities, private homeowners, or corporations. New welders frequently have trouble with how to price their welding tasks. After all, all projects are different and depend on several factors. The quick answer is that your pricing […]

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What is the American Welding Society?

welders at work

The AWS (American Welding Society) was established in 1919. It’s a non-profitable establishment that works to enhance technology, science, and the application of allied joining, welding, and cutting procedures. The headquarters of the American Welding Society is in Miami, Florida. Currently, the organization serves over 70,000 members around the globe. It’s dedicated to supporting thousands […]

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How to Fix Rust Holes without Welding

rusted car

When water comes into contact with naked metal, rust forms on the metal surface. If not checked, the rust will eat its way into the metal creating an aperture. A rust hole impairs the metal’s structural uprightness. You need a bonding material that’s as potent as the metal if you want to repair a rust […]

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What is Fusion Welding, and How Does it Work?

Fusion welding

Have you come across the term fusion welding and wondered what it means? Like any other welding process, fusion welding is used to join two or more objects using heat. However, this welding process is unique since you can either use filler materials or not, and it does not require the application of external pressure. […]

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How to Get into Pipeline Welding: A Step-by-Step Guide

person welding pipe

Pipeline welders are paid handsomely for every hour they work. Experience, time in the firm, and time spent on the job are factors that dictate how much pay a pipeline welder gets. There are plenty of opportunities for one to work in this domain. Also, there’s an increasing demand for pipeline welders with expertise. Presently, […]

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What Does DCEP Mean in Welding?

Shielded metal arc welding or SMAW

The welding process uses two power source forms: the alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) power supply. In DC, the current moves in one direction only. It can be from the electrode to the base material and vice-versa. So, what does DCEP mean in welding? Polarity is the flow of current through a circuit […]

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How to Join a Welding Union: Pros, Cons & Guide

group of welders

Once you settle on welding as a career, you can either ride solo or join a union. Both paths have their highs and lows. Before making the decision, consider your experience, skills, certification, and portfolio in the industry. Should the merits of joining a union override sole proprietorship, the next step would be finding the […]

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