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55 Romantic Welding Projects to Try Today (With Pictures and Videos)

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welded rose

If you’re looking to make a homemade gift for that special someone in your life, consider using your welding talent to give them a gift that will outlast most other presents. In this list, you will find hearts and flowers galore, but not all projects are created equal. If you have problems with one type of project, then you can check out an alternative. We’ve even included a sweet surprise! 

The 55 Romantic Welding Projects Are:

1. Welded Rose

“Will you accept this rose?” You know they will after you see the final result. The petals are made from sheet metal bent with a hammer in a vise. Just ensure that all of the edges are smooth so you don’t get cut.

2. 3D Origami Heart

Maybe you haven’t been that great at folding paper. The best part about this project is that you can preorder the kit. Then just fit it up. You could fit it up with MIG, but welding it out with TIG will be best to avoid burn-through and heat distortion.

3. Horseshoe Heart with Wings

Horseshoes are truly one of the most versatile pieces of scrap metal, and the good news is that you don’t have to mine for them in a scrap bin. You can buy them brand new in any size for pretty cheap. Follow this easy tutorial to make a heart with wings.

4. Welded Flower

If you aren’t up for the rose, check out this generic flower; The petals are nuts that are tacked together, and the stem is a bolt with the hex head cut off. It is then ground, filed down, heated up, and bent to shape.

5. Scrap Heart

It will take some time to scrounge up the different pieces for this. The good thing is that you can rearrange them as required. It might look kind of tacky, but we think it has some charm!  

6. Stainless Steel Heart

If you want a cleaner look than the heart made from scrap, check out this one made of stainless-steel pipe. You will need a pipe bender or a way to bend the pipe for the curved pieces. It makes great practice for TIG welding, and it would be great to hang in the home or the shop.

7. Horseshoe Letter

This sign spells out “Welcome,” but you could just as easily form letters from horseshoes to send a message of love to your significant other. Perhaps you want to spell out your names together and hang them above your front door. Whatever you want to spell, by heating up and bending horseshoes in addition to cutting and rewelding, you can make any letter. The natural curvature of the horseshoes is ideal for forming letters. Guess what letter is easiest to make: a U!

8. Bow Hunter or “Cupid”

Maybe you’ve got someone in mind who hasn’t exactly reciprocated yet. Strike them with Cupid’s arrow by gifting them this cutlery bow hunter. It’s hard to believe that it’s only made from three large spoons, two forks, a piece of round bar, and a filler rod.

9. Chain Heart

Any kind of chain is more interesting when welded. From the looks of it, you would think it would just flop all over the place and lose the heart shape. But when you tack the links together, they hold the shape. Make sure to smooth out all of your tacks with a flapper wheel.

10. Bridge Double Candle Holder

Who could use this candle holder and only use one candle? The candle holder is designed for two flames united into one. Well, maybe if you’re feeling a little lonely, you can use one end as an ashtray or a place to put some spare change.

11. ILY

Okay, so there’s not much to write home about this super easy project. All you need is a piece of plate to weld out, “I LOVE YOU.” Just be sure to etch legibly and clean up the edges of your plate for a cleaner appearance.

12. Violin from Motorcycle Scrap

Violins are attractive instruments. If you can play one as well, that’s even better. If you’re just a welder, don’t worry about disappointing because this violin made from scrap will make up for your lack of musical talent.

13. Bumblebee Sculpture

How do you send a subtle message about the birds n’ the bees? How about this bumblebee sculpture made from cutlery and scrap? Of course, the message might not be as effective without the next sculpture on our list.

14. Bird Sculpture

Have we mentioned how much we love cutlery? It’s just as versatile as using horseshoes for your projects. This makes a nice romantic pairing with the bumblebee sculpture we just mentioned.

15. Chocolate Welding

Before you read this full description, watch the first minute of the video and try not to laugh. Done yet? Okay, so you thought it was a metal welding project at first, but this is the only item on our list that is sweet and delicious.

16. Wine Rack

Enjoy your date and grab a bottle of social lubricant off this rustic wine rack. It even includes a spot to hold your wine glasses upside down. Since it’s made of horseshoes, you can easily customize it to your liking.

17. Ring

If you are so inclined and have the stunning craftsmanship ability shown here, you can make a steel engagement or wedding band complete with a spot to set a stone. This is not for the faint of heart, but she won’t be disappointed.

18. Permanent Bracelet

Permanent jewelry is increasingly popular these days. You won’t be able to surprise her with it seeing as she’ll have to be present for it to be complete. It doesn’t take long if you have the finesse to do this.

19. Metal Star Candle Holder

This elegant little candle holder would make an excellent gift for anyone. It’s primarily ornamental but can still hold a small tealight or similar-sized candle.

20. Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

Bedazzle your Christmas tree this winter season with an easy-to-make angel. The instructions are detailed, and it’s easy to weld.

21. Snowflake

While we’re on the topic of Christmas ornaments, get your TIG welder out. By removing the tines of several forks, you can piece together a snowflake that would look great on your tree or anywhere in the house!

22. Interlocked Hearts

A meeting of the minds is based on contract, but a meeting of the hearts is so much more. These interlocked hearts are made entirely of pieces of round bar.

23. Bottle Cage

Lock up the booze, and the person with greater self-control will have to keep the key. Drinking alone is not as fun, so wait to enjoy it together! This cage is made from mostly rebar and plate. 

24. Beer Holder

Going picnicking together is fun, especially when you bring a few cold ones. You can put this carrier straight into the cooler without worrying that it will get soggy and fall apart, like the paper/cardboard six-packs you usually buy.

25. Horseshoe Wreath

Here’s another decoration that will beautify your home: a horseshoe wreath for your front door. It’s got a festive feel, but it could just as easily be hung all year with different garnishes.

26. Christmas Decoration

Speaking of festive decorations, this holiday cube would make either a great centerpiece or a nice entryway table decoration for your guests to admire. You’ll get some good practice doing outside corner welds.

27. Stainless Steel Bracelet

Who knew that you could get the weave of the bracelet by twisting one end of the rods in a drill? With something this delicate, you will need to use a TIG welder for extra care and attention.

28. Copper Drinking Mug

There’s a reason that the refreshing Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug other than just tradition. Copper is a great thermal conductor and helps keep your beverage cold.

29. Elegant Flower

Look at this demonstration of how to make an elegant-looking flower. Now imagine making several flowers and bending the stems so you can tack them together. You can construct the perfect bouquet. Do everyone a favor, though; don’t use it for a bouquet toss!

30. Flower Vase Stand

The hardest part about this project will be achieving the proper bends and reduplicating that so the stands will look even. This stand will looking amazing on the patio or interior.

31. Cupid’s Bow

You could probably be satisfied with merely watching this video. It’s like therapy to see someone so masterful at their craft. All it takes him is a single, threaded bolt.

32. Metal Flower with Stand

Here’s another beautiful, welded flower made with TIG. The great part about this one is that it’s affixed to a stand so you can put it on display. You can even see the veins in the leaves!

33. Heart with Flower

It helps to draw things out on paper and transfer that design to your metal of choice. With this project, it was a near necessity in order to get the ornate flower attached to the side of the heart which was comparatively simple.

34. Dog

We’ve been talking a lot about love between humans, but the way some people talk about their dogs, you start to wonder if their furry companion has replaced a romantic partner. This project is for all the dog moms and dads out there.

35. Bird House

Following our motif of the birds and the bees, a nice little birdhouse would make a great gift to beautify your outdoor space. Put some food in the birdhouse so that you can sit and watch the birds inspect your new creation.

36. Heart with Arrow

Like our 3D Origami Heart seen above, this is made from an orderable kit. But it probably wouldn’t be that difficult to measure and cut out yourself as there are no bends required.

37. DIY Rock Pendants

Some of these stones in the video are a little too bulky to be worn around the neck for most. However, the fascinating thing about rocks is that they are all unique.

37. Picture Frame

Capture your memories together in a sturdy frame. This way, you won’t have to worry about it breaking if it falls over. You can hang this one on the wall or on a side table.

38. Butterfly

This beautiful piece of yard art fits nicely in any garden. What’s great about this design is that you don’t need many tools to get the job done. This is another example of transferring a drawing to your base material. Remind your partner that they still give you butterflies!

39. Couple’s Embrace

Buffing off the rough finish of these industrial hooks will reveal the luster you want for this abstract yet intimate figurine. It’s very important that you place the welds in locations that are not easily visible.

40. Ornate Rose from Copper and Brass

Here is another project that’s appropriate for Valentine’s Day. The roses and flowers that we’ve seen previously have mostly been steel. Here we see one made from copper and brass, which adds some depth and complexity to it. 

41. Pinecone

The great part about heating up metal is that you can bend it, and if it cools down, you can heat it up again. The layers of this pinecone are first tacked together, but they are then bent at high heat. It looks very natural.

42. Feather

This delicate-looking feather is made from a single piece of plate cut to shape. To get the feather-ness of it, you will have to use a cut-off wheel and make several cuts into the side.

43. Sunflower

Fewer flowers are more impressive than sunflowers. They’re tall, and they’re majestic. Barbie, the designer, demonstrates the best way to make one. Check out the nifty pot made from a bike chain!

44. Sunflower Yard Art

Check out a different variation of a sunflower. This one doesn’t have a pot and is ideal for placing in your yard. It’s also made with fewer and larger petals that are not layered. It has a bit more of an airy look to it.

45. Fruit Bowl

All you need for this bowl are round washers and one hex nut. Tack them together, and you have a place to put all your fresh fruit. You can also scale the design larger if you want a larger bowl.

46. Lamp

This project is nuts! Literally! This lamp would make an excellent gift for your hubby to put in his shop or man cave. Getting the piece of sheet metal bent to the exact shape to fit the nuts will be the hardest part.

47. Pumpkin Centerpiece

Halloween often gets a bad rap for being too scary for romance, but this pumpkin centerpiece is a great way to spice up your kitchen table for the Fall. Add some seasonal flowers for a nice touch.

48. TIG Welded Towel Rack

The hardest part about this will be bending your square stock consistently so that all the hooks match. However, you can see that it’s TIG welded, which is ideal for a piece of furniture in the home. The welds should be subtle and not that noticeable.

49. Beer Holder

Beer drinking often means beer belching. This we don’t encourage, but they say a way to a man’s heart is through his belly, especially a beer belly. Give him something to hold that beer!

50. Horseshoe Candle Holder

The handsome horseshoe handle on this candle holder adds charm to the dinner table. The holders are intended not for scented candles but for tall dinner candles. Hopefully, this will add some romantic ambiance to your in-home date.

51. Bookshelf

While not inherently romantic, you can remove clutter and boxes of books off the floor and onto a shelf as a great way to show appreciation to your significant other. Be prepared to do a little woodworking for this one as well.

52. Hearts

This heart project is almost like an optical illusion. The hearts are tacked up perpendicularly onto the fixture. To make it more gift-worthy, you should clean up the edges and paint it. Just ensure that your metal is clean first.

53. Patio Furniture Set

Make this patio set and enjoy the privacy of your own patio and backyard on a warm evening. When first fabricated, it’s not much to look at, but it’s all in the details. A little cleanup, paint, and cushions make everything come together.

54. Metal Fish

They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea. This project showcases your craftsmanship, but the face of the fish is pretty hideous. Make this as a reminder to your special someone that you’re their only fish, and they’re stuck with you forever. 

55. Fisherman

Since we’re continuing the fish theme, remind your significant other with this fisherman that they are quite the catch! Once again, we have a project that is made solely from cutlery. One thing to remember is that if it is actual silver ware, it will be difficult if not impossible to weld with standard equipment.


In this list, there are a few projects that are not incredibly romantic, but that’s okay! Sometimes the best gifts aren’t lovey-dovey. Many people would rather not get that kind of gift, and a kind gesture goes a long way. Always be sure to use proper safety equipment. We can’t recommend all of the safe (or unsafe) practices in the videos shown.

Other projects that you can try:

Featured Image Credit: Агзам Гайсин, Pixabay

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