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Aaron is a Pacific Northwest native. He worked in landscaping from a young age which eventually led him to start his own small-scale business. He then turned his attention to welding. He has worked as a welder and fitter on Portland and Tacoma waterfronts building railcars, bridges, and marine structures. Bringing together the theoretical aspects of fabrication with the nitty-gritty is something he's enthusiastic about. In his free time, he enjoys coffee, playing guitar, and playing cribbage with his wife. He is currently a graduate student in Boston, Massachusetts.

FCAW vs GMAW: Differences, & When to Use Them


Introduction When choosing a welding process, whether for a side gig or a home project, two of the best and easiest processes are FCAW (Flux-cored Arc Welding) and GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). These two processes are designed for laying down quality welds and generally require less training than some more complicated processes. Both FCAW […]

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7 Best Welding Gloves in the UK in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

welder wearing helmet and gloves

Oven gloves are not the same as welding gloves, even though welding gloves make suitable oven gloves. Welding gloves have multiple purposes. You’ll also see that there is no one-size-fits-all welding glove, not with an actual size or with the type of glove. However, we’ll show you some of the best gloves we’ve found. Whether […]

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