Essential Underwater Welding Training: 3-Step Process & Programs

Ever wondered what’s involved in underwater welding training? Hint: It’s a lot more than melting metal in a dive suit. Many are eager to specialize in underwater welding, but they only get there through proper preparation and certification. These usually come in one of several program packages, either at a trade school or in a professional setting. First, […]

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19 Best Underwater Welding Schools & Research Strategies

Many people look for the best underwater welding schools, believing they’ll find one institution that meets all of their needs. This is simply not true. Many professional diving schools are run and operated around the world, including: United States Canada United Kingdom Australia South Africa Other countries also have underwater welding and hyperbaric welding training, but the […]

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Underwater Welding Jobs Canada Feature

Top Underwater Welding Jobs: Canada & Companies

Water everywhere. Canada’s water supply rivals most countries, holding about 20% of the global supply. This also makes it a prime spot for underwater welding jobs. The companies that train underwater welders have some of the best training and equipment available. Many started in the sixties and seventies, working in the depths to repair and secure […]

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Oxylance Feature

Biz Wave: Oxylance Inc.

Underwater Welding Types & Projects Wet Welding There are two forms of underwater welding. The one that is the most intriguing to everyone is underwater wet welding. This process is performed using a “stick” electrode that is especially prepared for welding in the water with no protection from the water. The process is wet SMAW […]

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Underwater Photography Tips

Best Underwater Photography Tips for Beginners

For SCUBA divers, capturing that perfect moment through underwater photography isn’t easy. Especially if you’re just starting out. But novice photographers can go far. They just need to understand the basics of this field. It starts with knowledge of marine photography equipment, techniques and common mistakes. Hitting the Highlights: Best Underwater Photography Tips This infographic is for new learners, and it’s relatively self-explanatory. […]

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Top 3 Australian Underwater Welding Schools

On this side of the world, underwater welding schools offer Australia’s pristine diving environment: exotic wildlife, photogenic plant life and proper preparation for a career in underwater construction. Schools offer underwater welders in entry-level diving, similar to other training institutes across the world. They issue all applicable certification for international work, including those backed by the Australian Diver Accreditation […]

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Underwater Welding Schools in Canada: Top 4

In Canada, your diving options come from four major underwater welding schools. These provide the best options for restricted and unrestricted diving around the world. Each school also provides certification that’s recognized worldwide through the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC). Their organization oversees much of the occupational diving industry at home and abroad. They issue certificates […]

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Underwater Welding Schools UK Feature

Best 3 Underwater Welding Schools in the UK: North Sea Career

The underwater welding schools of the United Kingdom understand diving work in the North Sea. They’ve prepared thousands of divers. And many more to come. These three diving schools in Scotland and England are some of the finest in the world. Two of them provide certification from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), certifying their divers […]

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Underwater Welding Schools US Feature

Top 9 US Underwater Welding Schools with Certified Results

US underwater welding schools have a competitive edge for two reasons: Their quality training facilities and instructors are known internationally. More schools exist in the US than any other country. Many of these institutions issue certification from globally renown organizations, ensuring your ability to work around the world as an underwater welder. 9 Underwater Welding Schools to […]

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