17 Interesting Welding Facts That May Surprise You

welder with helmet at work

As a job, welding is certainly one of the oldest forms of technology. It is believed that even before man discovered fire, he was using hot rocks to create tools and weapons by melting them together. We have come a long way since then, but even today welding remains an important part of our lives. […]

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How Much Do Boilermakers Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

Boilermaker close up

Welding is a necessary trade in almost all industries. It has plenty of applications, from the maintenance of machinery to shipbuilding and construction. The profession can be rewarding and lucrative for those who love hands-on work. Before you choose this as your career path, you need to have a clear picture of what it entails. […]

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What is a Pipeline Welder, And How Do You Become One?

pipeline welder at work

It takes the effort of several people to get the fuel that powers our homes and businesses delivered. Many professions make up the oil and natural gas extraction industry. Every day, you will find people working in the construction, fabrication, or transportation industry. But one position is always in hot demand and considered the toughest […]

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What is a Nuclear Welder, And How Do You Become One?

nuclear welders at work

If you want to enter the lucrative field of nuclear welding, you should know that it involves working with radioisotopes. Most nuclear welders work in laboratories. They fabricate, assemble, and repair materials. In this article, we will not focus on a nuclear welder’s salary. Instead, we will provide insight into the world of nuclear welding […]

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What is an Aerospace Welder, And How Do You Become One?

aircraft repair

You may have heard the term aerospace welder in airplane manufacturing or space travel. Aerospace is a specific niche within the welding industry. So, how does one become an aerospace welder? You may be asking this question because you are considering your next career move. Becoming an aerospace welder is no easy feat, but it […]

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How Much Do Nuclear Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

a nuclear welder outside the plant

Nuclear welding is considered one of the highest-paying careers in the welding industry. Nuclear welders work in nuclear power plants, research and development institutes, scientific laboratories, and testing facilities. The demand for skilled nuclear welders has increased because of the need to establish new energy sources and increase safety standards. If you’re thinking of becoming […]

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How Much Do Journeyman Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

journeyman welder at work

Welding is a discrete trade that requires skill, experience, and knowledge to master. It is a critical profession with many applications that go far beyond simple construction and is in high demand. Like most careers, welding has different levels of expertise. Some are complex, and others are more on the basic level. They also pay […]

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How Much Do Aerospace Welders Make? 2022 Salary Statistics

aerospace welder at work

Aerospace welding is a rewarding and lucrative career. As the aerospace industry continues to advance, it creates more, thus more demand for skilled welders. This job line is both physically demanding mentally demanding job; thus, it needs a dedicated person. Welders must possess a safety-first attitude blended with a level of focus and care for […]

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