7 Best Welding Gloves in the UK in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

welder wearing helmet and gloves

Oven gloves are not the same as welding gloves, even though welding gloves make suitable oven gloves. Welding gloves have multiple purposes. You’ll also see that there is no one-size-fits-all welding glove, not with an actual size or with the type of glove. However, we’ll show you some of the best gloves we’ve found. Whether […]

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10 Best Plasma Cutters in the UK in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

person using plasma cutter

There are many ways that one can cut metal. Most traditional methods of cutting metal may get the job done, but they also bring out inconveniences such as a messy workplace, loud grinding noises, and even rough and inaccurate welds. However, if you are looking to make quick, clean, and smooth metal cuts, plasma cutters […]

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How Much Are Welding Salaries in the UK? 2024 Statistics

man welding aluminum plates

Welding is a popular career choice. Although physically demanding, there are many benefits to consider, one of them being the high salaries. The career itself is a skill that will last you a lifetime, regardless of the field. You may be working at a construction site, a car shop, or any other welding area. With […]

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10 Best Plasma Cutters in Canada in 2024: Reviews & Top Picks

worker cutting steel plate with plasma cutting machine

To some people, plasma cutters may sound like tools straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, these are incredibly useful and versatile tools used in cutting metal. Using similar principles used in a plasma welder, a plasma cutter can cut through even the hardest of metals. It can cut through brass, steel, aluminum, and other […]

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How Much Is A Welding Technician Salary In Canada? (2024 Update)

welding technician at construction site

With the growing demand for welders, many people are combining their love of welding and making money. If you’re one such person, you’ll find this guide helpful. Over the last few decades, the welding industry has seen tremendous growth. It used to be considered manual labor with low wages, but today’s welders are skilled professionals […]

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How Much Are Welding Salaries in Canada? (2024 Update)

welder welding rebar

If you are a welder in Canada looking to find out what your typical year-end earnings will be, stick here! We have everything you need to know about welding salaries in Canada. It’s no secret that welding is an in-demand trade, one of the most sought-after skills in Canada. It’s growing more popular every day. […]

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How Much Is A Welding Engineer Salary in Canada? 2024 Statistics

welding engineer is holding a welding robot

As a welding engineer, you spend most of your time thinking and talking about welding. What about the money? How much do you expect to make as a welding engineer? Like most professions, the definitions and qualifications of a welding engineer are evolving. They’re being restructured by industry and government bodies. If you’re considering becoming […]

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10 Best MIG Welders in Canada in 2024 – Top Picks & Reviews

MIG welder

There are different welding options depending on the materials or specifics of the metals to be welded. These include MMA (manual arc welding) and TIG (tungsten inert gas welding). However, MIG welding is the most popular method among professionals and DIY holiday welding enthusiasts. Whether you want to repair a classic car or need to […]

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