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The Benefits You’ve Always Wanted to Understand this Career

  • Powerful underwater welding school comparison and research tool
  • Access to private, members FB group for divers
  • Resume submission for potential job leads
  • Exclusive discounts on Water Welders training resources and related material

School Comparison Tool

  • Up-to-date information received directly from schools
  • Summary of school + unique traits
  • All training programs related to commercial diving with costs, lengths and categories
  • Program requirements
  • Certifications and related organizations
  • Contact information
  • A hell of a lot more

Experienced Individuals

  • Directly engage with other members of the Water Welders community which may include underwater welders, maritime employees, topside welders, student divers and more
  • Learn valuable tricks of the trade from those who have gone before you

Resume Submission

Job Inquiries

  • Maritime company managers contact Water Welders looking for qualified divers

Diver Focus

  • We are the largest website focused on underwater welding careers and training, attracting a global audience

Career Resources

  • We provide you with career resources that you can use before, during and after you find your diving job

Exclusive Discounts

  • 50% off of Water Welders Underwater Welding Power Kit, a guide built for anyone interested in training through a school
  • Discounted rates on other resources (more to come soon!)

Our membership combines the most requested services of underwater welding in one place. For a fraction of the cost of training, you can identify the best schools, individuals and resources in the industry.

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