Underwater Welding Schools

Underwater Welding Schools

 Underwater Welding Schools Around the World: Location, Price & Program Length

Welcome to the number 1 directory for underwater welding schools.

These listings include all basic information, from school costs to contact information.

A few things to remember:

  1. All schools offer slightly different programs and courses
  2. School requirements for entry vary
  3. Speak to a representative from the school to find out more before applying
ABJ WeldingSandbaai (SA)3 wks
Canadian Working Divers InstituteOntario (CA)12 wks
CDA Technical InstituteFlorida (US)20 wks
Commercial Divers InternationalArizona (US)28 wks
Commercial Diving Technologies Florida (US)20wks
Divers Academy InternationalNew Jersey (US)5 mths
Divers Institute of TechnologyWashington (US)7 mths
DiveSafe InternationalBritish Columbia (CA)15 wks
Holland CollegePrince Edward Island (CA)9 mths
HydroweldFlorida (US)9 days
International Diving InstituteSouth Carolina (US)16 wks
Middle East for Commercial DivingAlexandria (EG)6 wks
National University Polytechnic InstituteSan Diego (US)8 mths
NZ School of Commercial Diver TrainingHuntly (NZ)4-8 wks
Professional Diving AcademyDunoon (UK)9-11 wks
Santa Barbara City CollegeCalifornia (US)32 wks
Seneca CollegeOntario (CA)35 wks
SCL Technical CollegeLouisiana (US)22 mths
The Ocean CorporationTexas (US)8 mths
The Underwater CentreFort William (SCT)13 wks
XLT Institute of WeldingPerth (AU)3 wks

*This underwater welding school chart provides only partial information on school offerings. Please contact the schools directly for more information.

Underwater Welding Schools Guide

Choosing qualified underwater welding schools for commercial diving training is essential to your success in the marine industry.

Don’t get left behind because you didn’t take the time to earn the professional experience and certification. For more information, check out my complete guide on choosing the best underwater welding school.