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Top 3 Australian Underwater Welding Schools (2024 Guide)

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On this side of the world, underwater welding schools offer Australia’s pristine diving environment: exotic wildlife, photogenic plant life and proper preparation for a career in underwater construction.

Schools offer underwater welders in entry-level diving, similar to other training institutes across the world. They issue all applicable certification for international work, including those backed by the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS).

It’s not easy choosing between underwater welding schools for your future career in commercial diving. Here in Australia, several underwater welding schools have more than one branch. Prioritize these five factors when making your decision, and use a process of elimination to make your final choice.

  1. Cost
  2. Program Length (weeks/months)
  3. Diving Certification
  4. Place
  5. Instructors (experience)

Underwater Welding Schools in Australia: History of Excellence

1. XLT Institute of Welding

Location: Northgate, AU; Bibra Lake, AU

Specializing more in research and training, the XLT Institute of Welding has two branches on either side of Australia. Their instructors teach courses in construction trades including welding and specific types of engineering.

Their courses have recognition from international certifying organizations like the American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd’s register.

Though XLT provides an underwater welding program, applicants must first have level 2 training as a commercial diver. Their underwater welding program is approximately 1-3 weeks long, depending on your welding skill and testing ability. Dry hyperbaric welding is also offered.

Underwater welders may also take additional courses at XLT to increase their topside skill. These courses include boilermaking, poly-welding, rigging and crane operation.

2. Commercial Dive Academy

Location: Beauty Point, TAS

Certified through the ADAS, The Commercial Dive Academy‘s program here in Tasmania is globally recognized. As a beginner underwater welder, you’ll train in a variety of ADAS courses including part 1, 2, 3 and 4.

From SCUBA to saturation, Commercial Dive Academy is a great school to look into.

3. New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training

Location: Huntly, NZ

Image credit: New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training (NZSCDT)

Though not technically part of Australia, the New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training (NZSCDT) trains domestic and international students.

Their program began in the year 2000. The school has dorm facilities for living and community. Shared bathrooms and kitchens are provided for classes as well.

First serving inland-only welder-divers, its program has expanded to meet offshore requirements. It’s the only New Zealand diving school that trains divers for offshore work.

The NZSCDT includes courses for qualified divers up to ADAS part 3 (50 meters). Financial aid is available to eligible citizens.

Besides the ADAS, the NZSCDT’s training modules and certification is recognized by the International Maritime Contractors Association. Students receive full qualification and come from all over the world to train.

Locating the Best Underwater Welding School in Australia

These three underwater welding schools aren’t the only options in Australia, New Zealand, and the surrounding area.

But they do provide the most comprehensive commercial diving programs available. Finding the right underwater welding school is the first step toward success in this career. It provides you with the right certification, experience and network. There’s no such thing as the “best” underwater welding school, as it depends on your own preferences and financial needs. Be sure to invest in a school that will meet your expectations for the future.

Featured image courtesy of New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training

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