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NZ_School_Commercial_Diver_Training_LogoWelcome to the New Zealand School of Commercial Diver Training (NZSCDT), New Zealand’s only commercial diving school reaching offshore level. The school started over a decade ago and since its inception has trained divers from New Zealand, Australia and around the world. Graduates now work in a vast range of onshore and offshore environments in New Zealand and internationally.

All of the courses offered are Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) accredited and International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) recognized. This provides graduates with employment opportunities around the world. The school prides itself on its focus on real life and industry related training, and they consistently implement feedback from the industry to insure graduates find employment and meet the needs of the commercial dive industry.



Starting for the Certificate in SSBA Construction Diving to 30m (Level 4) (ADAS Part 1 & 2). Fees vary depending on program/training scheme.

  • Domestic: $12,635 (NZD)
  • International: $13,950 (NZD)

Financial Aid:

Domestic: Residents of New Zealand/Australia. Course approval through New Zealand Qualification Authority and Tertiary Education Commission. (except ADAS DMT Qualification)

  • Student Loans (full access)
  • Student Allowance (eligibility dependent on personal circumstances)

International: Airfare paid (case-by-case basis)

NZ School Commercial Diver Training
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  • ADAS Diver Part 1 (Occupational Scuba to 30m); International – 4 weeks
  • ADAS Diver Part 2 (SSBA Construction Diving to 30m); International – 4 weeks
  • ADAS Diver Part 3 (SSBA Construction Diving to 50m); International – 4 weeks
  • ADAS Diver Medical Technician; International/Domestic – 2 weeks
  • Certificate in SSBA Construction Diving to 30m (Level 4, ADAS Parts 1 & 2); International/Domestic – 12 weeks
  • Certificate in SSBA Construction Diving to 50m (Level 5, ADAS Part 3); International/Domestic – 8 weeks
  • ADAS Chamber Operator; International/Domestic – approximately 10 days
  • ADAS Supervisor ; International/Domestic – 2-4 weeks
  • ADAS Scientific Diver; International/Domestic – 3 weeks



+64 7 828 0256

63 Rotowaro Road
Huntly, 3700 New Zealand

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