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How Can We Help You Find a Diving Career?

Water Welders prepares you for commercial diving and underwater welding in 3 ways:

  • Job Inquiries: Maritime company managers contact Water Welders looking for qualified divers
  • Focused on Divers: We are the largest website focused on underwater welding careers and training, attracting a global audience
  • Career Resources: We provide you with career resources that you can use before, during and after you find your diving job

We Are All About Preparing Commercial Divers and Underwater Welders

When Water Welders started in 2013, we had just a few posts and 0 visitors.

Years later with over 30K readers a month, Water Welders is known by many, including maritime employers, as a resource for anyone interested in underwater welding training and commercial diving career preparation.

To ensure their not lost in a sea of people, we often feature divers – whether in school, just graduated or already in a diving position. Employers know us for this type of educational content, and it drives them to learn more.

But besides that, we’re always looking for better ways to ensure your future in this career. We know it’s a volatile industry – a challenging, yet exciting prospect for most who get into this field.

Will you help them learn more about you?