10 Major Employers of US Underwater Welding Jobs

Hyperbaric Welding Jobs

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On the career hunt for underwater welding jobs?

Underwater welding has a big reputation:

Reality Check:

These factors depend on your diving project responsibilities and the maritime company that employs you.

Most importantly, the majority of companies highly value their divers’ safety and skill level.

If they don’t, you should report it.

Underwater Welding Jobs in the US: Finding Stability

Because of the seasonal nature of their work, hyperbaric welders face challenges in finding steady, stable jobs.

Many employers will hire out a diver for a few weeks, months or even a year via contract. After that, divers must move with the tide of economic and project demands (especially offshore).

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the top employers who provide underwater welding jobs in the US. By “top”, I mean companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Employ multiple commercial divers
  • Provide opportunities for career growth and experience as a diver
  • Offer a variety of different marine services such as underwater welding, salvage and inspection
  • Have a large national/international presence in the water

Top 10 Diving Companies with Underwater Welding Jobs

1. Bisso Marine

Location: Houston, Texas

Bisso Marine goes back, way back.

They’ve been around since the 19th century, and they’ve expanded their operations significantly since then.

Bisso has a long list of clientele and an incredible portfolio of various types of projects, from deep depth to shallow, heavy lifting. They also have branches in several international locations, including Peru and Mexico.

2. Midco Diving & Marine

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

Starting small in 2003, Midco Diving & Marine has grown from one to over 20 divers with offices in South Dakota and Colorado.

They’re organized as a “quick response” team, so they can mobilize and travel to a new location fast. Midco is still a young, expanding company which gives you opportunity to move up the ranks while you’re still a whippersnapper.

3. Dryden Diving, Inc.

Location: Woolwich Township, New Jersey

Since 1979, Dryden Diving has served the East Coast.

It’s expanded its services, operating in areas like water dredging, nuclear diving, ship surveys and – of course – underwater welding. It sets an extremely high standard for its wet welding projects, servicing in Class B on a consistent basis.

They train in three different tanks for these underwater welding jobs (Boston, Philadelphia and Las Vegas). Their results – and divers – are top-notch.

US Underwater Welding Jobs Together

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4. Subsea Global Solutions

Location: Miami, Florida

Subsea Global Solutions has several marine organizations and personnel rolled into one conglomerate. They replace and repair ship parts, undergo load testing and welding.

The primary aspect that sets them apart is their research and development, which has helped them work more cost efficiently and with longer-lasting repairs.

5. Phoenix International (Underwater Welding Specialty)

Location: Bayou Vista, Louisiana

Don’t let the “Phoenix” part fool you – this company works across the globe in underwater construction, engineering, exploration and everything else you can think of.

They use some of the best, most modern marine equipment for their divers. They also have a department that specializes in underwater welding jobs. Their welder-divers are highly trained and up to code with all of the latest in wet and dry welding methods.

6. Dive-Tech International, Inc.

Location: Pinellas Park, Florida

Originally a simple underwater inspection firm, Dive-Tech International has a “no-marine-challenge-can-stump-us” mentality which keeps them ahead of the game.

They mainly work with phosphate mines and power plants, but their range of marine services is just as impressive as any other major marine company. They’ve worked with multiple government and engineering organizations.

7. US Underwater Services

Location: Mansfield, Texas

Inland or offshore, USUS provides a multitude of maritime services, including rig support, metal fabrication and of course underwater welding. In fact, they use specialized hyperbaric welding NEPSYS® technology that allows their welder-divers to work with high portability, low cost and produce permanent welds.

We actually spoke with them directly – you can see more information about them in our Biz Wave article.

8. Logan Diving & Salvage

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Logan Diving has a respectable history dating back over half a century.

Their client pool consists mainly of refineries, transmission pipeline operators and marine terminals. With a location in Jacksonville, many divers from CDA Technical Institute have the chance to work with them after graduating, which is an incredible opportunity.

9. Sea Sub Systems, Inc.

Location: Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

A leader in the southeastern region of the US, Sea Sub Systems has a large but close client base.

They operate with a high standard in safety and certification from their divers, and some even hold AWS 3.6 class “A” certification in several positions of underwater welding. Much of their US underwater welding jobs are focused on ship vessel repair and offshore operation.

10. C-Dive

Location: Houma, Louisiana

Don’t let the employee number fool you.

C-Dive operates mainly offshore, and their list of services could fill a lake. They provide work in everything from demolition like platform removal to testing through ultrasonic and non-destructive testing.

They perform underwater burning quite often – it’s a sought after service in the Gulf of Mexico. In everything, C-Dive employees credit their work to three things: preparation, hard work, and determination.

Other Major Companies

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Obviously, this list can’t include everyone providing underwater welding jobs in the US. There’s plenty more marine companies out their with promising employment.

You tell me below – who did I miss on the list?

Updated: April 26, 2017 — 5:46 am


  1. I’m in High School and doing research on UnderWaterWelding, this is very interesting to me because its all SMAW and I do that at school. Something that I will look more into when I graduate next year.

    1. Great to hear, Daniel! Let me know if you end up going to an underwater welding school!

  2. Matt, are you a diver?

  3. Billy Joe Churchwell

    Subsea Diving Services Ltd

  4. I’ve been a welder at John Deere for 13 years and would really be interested in an underwater welding job.

    1. Great, Steve! Your first step would be to go to an underwater welding school, which I have listed on my schools’ page. Having topside welding experience is a great start!

  5. Hey guys I’m looking into UWW and as a diver does anyone know of a good program to start???

    1. Hey Bryan, there’s plenty of programs that will provide you adequate training to start in this field. Since you’re already familiar with diving equipment, you’ll have a leg up on others. Here’s a good article that will point you in the right direction: https://waterwelders.com/scuba-diver-to-underwater-welder/

      1. Hi Matt I am interested in becoming an underwater welder. I am a certified welder with 2 years of experience. I have a felony from 2012 for dealing a narcotic. I left all of that behind me. I haven’t had any issues since then. Will this affect me getting inland jobs?

      2. Hey Matt, having experience in topside welding will help immensely to transition into underwater welding. The weight of a felony record will highly depend on the company, so unfortunately I can’t tell you how much it will affect your employment. I can, however, tell you I’ve spoken to others in the industry with similar “rough” backgrounds and they’ve faired well. So I think you have a great chance with your professional experience.

  6. Hi i graduated dive school little over a month ago. currently looking for jobs in the jersey area. willing to travel of course if needed.

    bbryley1@icloud.com contact if have any connections ! thanks guys

  7. I am a ex army 2c or army diver I have around 5 years inland experience mostly with power plants and wheel jobs am looking to find a stable company to aliviate some of the freelance stress if anyone has any leads please email me Eli.gosney@gmail.com

  8. Does anyone know of any companies that are willing to hire newly certified welding divers ?

  9. I am looking for a position as an underwater welder or diver does anyone know of any? I have just graduated from DIT in December and am looking to get a start in the field.

    1. Hey Zach – as you probably know, networking with divers and dive companies is the best way to find jobs. I have some great networking links that I can email you: Send me a message – matt@waterwelders.com

      1. Im Kasey, Im looking in to underwater welding as a possible career and I was interested in these network links your speaking of for an english project.

      2. Hey Kasey, shoot me an email and I’ll send them to you!

      3. hey there, as most people on here are. I too am a freshly graduate from a dive school. Would love to get that email

      4. Just sent it to you! Hope it helps some, Timothy.

      5. Hello … My name is Reza 28-year-old … Jvshkar..asklt Sakhtman..jvshkar Brq..jvshkar TIG..MIG..MAG .. diver underwater welding … Welding steel instruments … implementation slope roofs. .saln..svlh.

    2. Hows the search going?

  10. Oceaneering, Harkand, Chet Morrison, EPIC, Ranger….USA Offshore Diving Contractors
    Technip, Bibby, Harkand, …… Eurpoean Diving Contractors (Don’t generally hire Americans due to Jones act laws)

    1. Thanks, Mike! I’ll look into these companies – many I’ve heard of, others like Bibby I haven’t.

  11. Gabriel Despaigne C.

    Dont forget Oceaneering.

  12. Only US and Canada based companies, I’d say there are some european operating in North Sea and elsewhere.

    1. Great point, Jan. Do you know of any large, influential European companies in this field?

      1. Gabriel Despaigne C.

        There are many others like Subtech, subsea 7, cal dive, acergy, CCC, etc.

      2. Thanks, Gabriel! I’ve looked into Cal Div and Subtech, but not some of the others you mentioned. I’ll research those.

      3. Thanks Gabriel, honestly right now I’m just preparing to get into commercial diving, so these names hopefully will come in handy someday.

      4. Gabriel Despaigne C.

        Jan: you need to work a looong list of dive companies, contacts and also organize your resume according to each company requirement. Sometimes they ask to have each cert., individually scan at a certain resolution, etc. But i have experience many times that if i follow their guidelines the file end up been too big and then the server reject the file…so many times is better to show up or even fedex the documents (not cheap).

      5. Gabriel, do most companies ask for a resume and CV – or just one or the other?

      6. Gabriel Despaigne C.

        Cv plus certs (individually scan) and don’t forget that after diving school you also need offshore survival course better known as BOSIET /HUET and outside the US check that is OPITO aproved. Another course that opens many doors is the NDT and the Diver Medic. Most of the time companies will also ask for a dive medical but wait till they ask you gor it because depending where you are they migth ask for a particular clinic. I think is important to have all this because in dive school they dont mention the need but in reality you will hardly see or go to a job without it.

      7. Just FYI, Cal Dive has filed for bankruptcy.

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