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How Much Do Welders in Florida Make? 2024 Salary Statistics

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Welding is a very critical part of the manufacturing industry all over the world. Welders often use electricity and heat to join pieces of metal. They can have a wide range of jobs, from designing metals on the factory floor to repairs.

The amount you earn as a welder depends on several factors. For example, how many years of experience you have and what type of company or industry. Plus, we cannot forget to mention that your level of education may also affect what you make. However, before we dive into all of that, let us take a step back and talk about what it takes to become a welder.

How Much Do Welders In Florida Make?

As mentioned above, the amount of money you earn as a welder depends on several factors. That also means the amount of demand for welders in that particular area. While Florida does not have the highest-paying wages in the US, it is still slightly above the national average. The national average welders’ pay stands at $18.57 per hour, according to Indeed.

As of October 2021, welders in Florida make about $39,544 per year on average. That is according to the ZipRecruiter. That would translate to approximately $19.01 an hour or $760/week, or $3,295/month.

Now that you know the average income for welders in Florida, Let us look at the average pay with every aspect in place.

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Image Credit: Tory Bishop, Unsplash

The Average Welding Pay by Experience Level

It goes without saying that the most experienced welders are in high demand and can expect to make more money than their less experienced counterparts. The main reason for this is that these welders have the required skill and handle more responsibilities. That is a fact in almost every profession.

Entry-Level Welder

An entry-level welder has no welding experience. They could have just completed their training or be someone who has just gotten out of high school. While their yearly salary may not be impressive to some people, they are new to the field and still learning.

Usually, their responsibilities are few. They may do things like clean the workshop and help other employees. Generally, they are low on the totem pole, and thus their low wages. As an entry-level welder, you can expect to make about $31,860 per year. That translates to about $7.25 an hour on average.

Mid-Career Welder

In the middle of your welding career, you have a few years under your belt. You know all the basic skills and techniques and may even be in charge of overseeing the younger welder’s work.

You may even be training new employees or performing your duties independently. You have the necessary experience, but since you have been in the industry for a few years, you don’t get paid as much as the senior employees. As a mid-career welder, you can expect to make about $17.90 per hour on average.

Senior or Experienced Welders

The most experienced welder has been with the company for a long time. In fact, they may have even started as an entry-level welder. The amount of time spent in the industry gives them valuable skills and experience not taught in welding school.

They have enough experience working at different levels with all types of welding equipment and projects. As a result, they get paid the most but also have to work the most. As a senior or experienced welder, you can expect to make about $35.45 per hour on average.

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Welders Income by Cities in Florida

Of course, the above examples are based on Florida and can differ from city to city. Welding jobs pay differently depending on location and local economy. It is a profession in high demand, and thus the income varies.

If you compare average salaries in different cities, you can get a general idea about the income. Here are some examples of income by city according to ZipRecruiter.

City Hourly Wage Weekly Pay Monthly Pay Annual Income
Jacksonville $21.57 $863 $3,739 $44,867
Sunrise $21.48 $859 $3,724 $44,683
Orlando $21.34 $853 $3,698 $44,382
Pompano Beach $21.27 $851 $3,688 $44,252
Port St. Lucie $21.12 $845 $3,661 $43,927
Miramar $20.99 $840 $3,638 $43,660
Hialeah $20.53 $821 $3,558 $42,697
Brandon $20.38 $815 $3,533 $42,394
Fort Lauderdale $20.30 $812 $3,519 $42,232
Boca Raton $20.20 $808 $3,501 $42,008

Becoming a Welder

If you are looking to become a welder, the first step is to find out if it is the right career for you. There are skills you will need, and you must know where to get them.

So, what are the requirements? Welders should be able to work well with their hands and have good coordination. They should be strong enough to use various tools and hold up heavy pieces of metal.

Additionally, welding needs attention to detail—, which means you, should be able to focus and concentrate for long periods. That is because ignoring simple specifications can lead to misuse of material or even structural problems.

man welding a bus
Image Credit: Benjamin Wedemeyer, Unsplash


If you want to become a welder, many companies will require you to have completed a training course. However, you can always learn the basics on your own through books or online courses. You may also be able to get on-the-job training.

While you do not need a college degree to be a welder, education is still crucial and can help you earn more money. For example, attending a welding school can help you choose what career path that pays better.

So what can you expect as far as education? There are vocational or trade schools, apprenticeships, and 2-year associate programs. One other option for education is to take a few classes at a community college.

The Average Welder’s Income by Job Type

The type of job a welder has plays a role in how much they get paid. There are types of welding jobs that pay more than others. It has everything to do with the complexity of the job, the specifications of the project, and various other factors. Here are some examples of welding jobs that pay well.


welder and helper working together
Image Credit: Pete Wright, Unsplash

A helper, in most cases, is an entry-level welder who gets the lighter duties of assisting other experienced employees. That gives them the chance to learn on the job, under close supervision. The primary tasks may include cleaning and transporting equipment and other simple tasks.

They also help fix equipment from time to time and clean the working environment. As a helper, you can expect to make about $13.53 per hour on average in Florida.

MIG Welder

MIG welding
Image Credit: Danil Evskyi, Shutterstock

A MIG welder is a person who uses gas to weld metal wires to create the welding arc. It grants them the ability to weld steel, aluminum, and various metallic alloys. Normally, they work in construction fields and factories.

MiG welding is simple but needs skillful people. A MIG welder’s strength lies in the ability to create strong and attractive welds. They can work with a variety of welding projects and thus have a broad range of skill sets.

The job can also be dangerous and it needs someone physically fit. As a MIG welder, you can expect to make about $16.24 per hour on average in Florida.


a fabricator welding in the shop
Image Credit: Dane Deaner, Unsplash

A fabricator is a welder who uses their skills to work on steel and other metallic materials. They may assemble, install, and repair parts of a structure, machine, or equipment in a factory setting. The job includes designing, cutting, and shaping metals.

At this job, the welder has the task of reading blueprints. The fabrication process is diverse, which requires different skill sets to be able to design something new. As a fabricator in Florida, you can expect to make about $17.76 per hour on average.


a fitter working on pipes
Image Credit: Viktor_LA, Shutterstock

A fitter is a person who installs, assembles, and maintains all kinds of equipment in a factory. They have experience when it comes to working with various metals. In addition, they work with everything from tanks and bridges to pressure vessels.

A fitting job requires a lot of physical strength and endurance. In Florida, a fitter can expect to make about $19.25 per hour on average.

Structural Welder

a structural welder working
Image Credit: Everyonephoto Studio, Shutterstock

A structural welder has the responsibility to layout, cut, and assemble metal parts of frameworks. They work with steel beams, columns, and support structures. These welders are responsible for building things such as bridges and skyscrapers.

It is one of the most dangerous welding jobs, and they need to know how to use all kinds of metalworking equipment. They also need to pay close attention to details and measurements.

Failure to do so may result in an accident and expensive losses. As a structural welder, you can expect to make about $20.55 per hour on average.

Pipe Welders

welder and helper working on pipeline
Image Credit: Gorlov-KV, Shutterstock

Pipe welders have the task of assembling, installing, and repairing piping in a variety of settings. The work takes place in making or repairing pressure vessels, which includes boilers and tanks. A pipe welder works on projects in different establishments, such as construction sites, factories, and refineries.

The job requires an individual who is physically fit and capable of lifting heavy objects. Pipe welders are some of the highest-paid welders in the industry. A pipe welder in Florida can make about $24.50 per hour on average.

Final Thoughts

Welders are in high demand, and there is constant hiring in the industry. However, you do need to know what you are getting into before committing. If that is what you are looking for, welding is a great profession. If you are in Florida, or if you are looking to move to Florida, the salary statistics are as seen above, and for starters, you are good to go.

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