Biz Wave: C-Dive


Based in Louisiana, is most of C-Dive’s work performed offshore in the Gulf of Mexico? Or do you operate primarily inland?

It’s honestly about half and half. 30% of our diving revenues come from inland/marsh projects and around 70% on the shelf of the Gulf of Mexico. We primarily work off our 4pt DSV [Dive Support Vessel], the Ms. Kerci, while providing dive support off third party heavy lift barges.

Your dive crew has many years of combined experience in the industry. Do you hire additional crew members during busier seasons?

During the summer months, we usually are looking for qualified divers and tenders because of higher project loads. We keep approximately 60 divers and tenders busy most of the year. So in other words, yes!

What is one of C-Dive’s most recent projects that you’ve been assigned to? Can you provide a brief overview of the planning, preparation and work involved?

We just recently did a Dive Campaign requiring various offshore locations, from depths of 50 – 175 fsw [feet of seawater] for an independent oil company. The tasks included plug and abandoned several underwater pipelines.

First, we undergo the bidding process with our Sale, Estimating and Project Management departments. When the job is awarded, we meet with the client and discuss the project and provide a detailed work and safety plan that ensures a safe and efficient environment.

Once the job is offshore, it’s then up to our Ops, Dive Crew, DSV Crew and PM to make sure it’s safe, on time and profitable.

C-Dive Divers

How often do companies ask for C-Dive’s underwater welding and cutting services?

A very large percentage of our job types are decommissioning and P&A of platforms and pipelines. We perform underwater burning on a regular basis. The Gulf of Mexico dive market has changed in the last 15 years, and we don’t see as many underwater welding projects as in the past.

What types of training does C-Dive’s divers undergo annually? Or does it vary widely from year to year?

Our personnel must adhere to all industry safety training which is provided on a planned yearly schedule. In addition, many projects require specific certifications that our divers must have before they are assigned. We perform that training in-house as needed.

You’re developing a new dive support vessel (DSV) for surface supplied work. Can you briefly describe how this vessel would aid your operations, some of the features, and what goes into building a vessel of this magnitude?

Most DSV’s in the Gulf of Mexico are very mature, aging from 30 – 50 years in commission.

We contracted a local ship builder to construct C-Dive’s second 4pt DSV. It will be 185 feetlong, consist of a 30-ton offshore man-rated crane, moonpool, and accommodations for 42 men. It’s also capable of air and gas dive modes.

With two of the newest DSV’s in the market, C-Dive can offer both our clients and in-house personnel (divers/tenders) the most modern fleet in the gulf. We are building this new DSV with the intentions of making it a saturation vessel in the next few years.

How do your sales and operations teams work together to create a more cohesive business?

Our sales group works very closely with our Project Managers and Ops Group.

Everything from in-house daily conference calls (sales, PM, ops) to bids and pre-jobs with clients helps in keeping our dive personnel and equipment busy. It allows our commercial and operational employees to understand each other’s job specifics and how we can assist in making each other better. In addition, it shows our clients that, regardless of our job title, we are all involved. Which, in my opinion, provides a confidence that they may rely on all of us.

What’s one of the highlights of working in this industry; what do you love about your job, and how long have you been in it?

The dive industry in the GOM [Gulf of Mexico] is fairly small. We know our clients, and we know our competitors. Competition is intense. But, it is very rewarding when we work to get a dive project and then execute it safely and efficiently. I have been in the business for 23 years.


– Robbie Champagne, Owner of C-Dive

Conducting offshore and inland diving operations, C-Dive strives to meet all of its clients’ needs in a safe and efficient manner. They are based out of Louisiana and do most underwater work in the Gulf of Mexico.