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3 Best Underwater Welding Schools in UK (2024 Guide)

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The underwater welding schools of the United Kingdom understand diving work in the North Sea.

They’ve prepared thousands of divers. And many more to come.

These three diving schools in Scotland and England are some of the finest in the world. Two of them provide certification from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), certifying their divers to work anywhere in the world.

United Kingdom Diving: Top Underwater Welding Schools

Finding the correct school is based on a number of traits, both internal and external factors. Prioritize these five at the top of your list when making a decision.

  1. Length of Training
  2. School Location
  3. Price
  4. Certification Issued
  5. Instructor Qualifications

Underwater Welding Schools in Scotland

1. The Underwater Centre

Location: Fort William, SCT

Here at the private pier of The Underwater Centre, students undergo training in multiple underwater environments.  Moving from shallow to deep, you start off in dive stations with 20 meters of water, eventually hitting up to 50 meters.

The Underwater Centre offers several academic packages for students ranging from a 9-13 week time frame. Students learn correct maintenance and application of their diving equipment. Skilled instructors teach essential courses like HSE SCUBA, IMCA Diver Medic Technician and HSE Closed Bell.

Among the more sought-after instruction falls under mixed gas diving for saturation work.

Remote Operate Vehicle (ROV) training is also offered. Coursework ranges from electrical safety to fibre optics; it also teaches your responsibilities as a Pilot Technician and Operator.

The vast majority of The Underwater Centre’s graduates are still working after their first year. They provide many case studies from their graduates as well, showing you the various careers their underwater welders have moved into.

2. Professional Diving Academy

Location: Dunoon, SCT

Solid facilities. Expert instructor from a variety of backgrounds. HSE approved certification.

The Professional Diver Academy (PDA) makes sure divers are equipped in every way possible. It’s situated close to a branch of the North Sea called Holy Loch.

Students train inside decompression chambers, a massive ship named M.V. Sleat and several launch and recovery systems for students to work in team projects. PDA also provides barges and a portable dive trailer for a realistic inland training environment.

Like The Underwater Centre, PDA includes multiple packages for prospective underwater welders to choose from. They range from 1-11 weeks.

Coursework steadily advances beginners into full-fledged welder-divers, from SCUBA training to HSE surface supplied, then into underwater welding equipment operation and inspection.

The program covers all facets that an underwater welder may face in and outside of the United Kingdom.

England: Underwater Welding Schools

3. Hydroweld UK

Location: Sutton Coldfield, ENG

What began in 1987 still continues today, with Hydroweld UK as one of the industry leaders in wet and dry underwater welding training. It has many branches, but headquarters are situated in the United Kingdom.

This school specializes in underwater welding – including underwater welding equipment like electrodes and stingers, along with several case studies and research. This is all part of its comprehensive qualification that prospective underwater welders receive who enroll in its program.

Prior welding skill isn’t required.

But it’s encouraged, as understanding basic topside welding technique and metallurgy gives a solid foundation during training. Prices for underwater welding training include all equipment, certification and electrodes used.

Hydroweld UK has partnered with many maritime businesses to increase the competency of its underwater welders for any wet welding project they undertake. It provides its services in every area of underwater engineering.

Which of the UK Underwater Welding Schools is Right for You?

There is not “one” of the underwater welding schools that has everything. As a future hyperbaric welder and diver, you must choose the one that fits your needs and career outlook.

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