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How Much Does Welding School Cost in the UK (2024 Update)

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If you are looking to pursue a career in welding in the UK and wondering how much it would cost you, this article is for you.

Welding is such a lucrative career, and with the numerous job opportunities in the UK, it would be a good idea to pursue it if your passion lies there. But in your search for a welding school in the UK, you must know how much money you would need to complete your course. 

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the cost of welding schools in the UK. We’ll also touch on crucial welding information to get you started. Let’s jump right in!

Why Do You Need to Attend Welding School?

Welding is a fascinating profession. It has many advantages and can change your life for the better. There are plenty of reasons to attend a welding school in the UK.

For starters, it’s an excellent way to start your career and begin to earn a living. Usually, welders earn high salaries and have many job opportunities available. You can work on bridges, buildings, or cars. There is no limit to where you can go with this career path!

Welding is an interesting and rewarding career choice where you get to work with your hands and make something from nothing using tools such as lasers, torches, and plasma cutters. Attending welding school is necessary to learn about safety precautions when working with dangerous materials like molten metals.

You also get hands-on training with real equipment. So, you don’t have to wait until you graduate before you start practicing on live projects.

Many welding jobs are available for experienced welders who have attended school in the UK. You won’t have any problems finding employment as a welder right after graduation because you already have experience.

The Cost of Welding School in the UK

The cost of welding school in the UK depends on the chosen program. In some cases, the course can be subsidized by the government if you attend a government-funded welding school.

Welding Schools offer both full-time and part-time courses. You’ll pay tuition fees upfront before starting the course in most cases.

The average cost of training in the UK is £35 per week. This cost can be broken down further depending on the type of welding course as seen below.

The 6 Types of Welding Courses Are:

1. Oxy-Acetylene Welding Skills

close up oxy-acetylene welding
Image Credit: Funtay, Shutterstock

In this course, students learn the safe and proper use of Oxy-Acetylene gas welding equipment to create different weld joints. The course costs £350.

2. Metal Inert Gas Welding Skills

MIG welding
Image Credit: Danil Evskyi, Shutterstock

This course aims to give students fundamental knowledge and practical skill in metal welding. It incorporates theory, demonstration, and hands-on practice. Welding schools in the UK charge £250 for this course.

3. Metal Arc Welding Skills

Shielded metal arc welding
Image Credit: Matee Nuserm, Shutterstock

Students learn to weld many metals and alloys in metal arc welding training. Also, they learn to use different types of electrodes, including solid wire, flux-cored wire, and self-shielded flux-cored wire. The average cost of this course is £250.

4. Fabrication and Welding (Diploma in Engineering)

factory engineer operating tig welding machine
Image Credit: Monkey Business Images, Shutterstock

It’s a 2-year diploma program that offers specialization in fabrication and welding. Students will learn to identify, understand, and solve fabrication and welding processes. It is the most expensive course, costing around £1,290.

5. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Skills

TIG welding with full gear
Image Credit: Jobshutter, Shutterstock

This course will teach you how to set up and operate a TIG welder. You’ll learn how to weld mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The full course will cost £250.

6. Manual Metal Arc Welding Skills

manual metal arc welding
Image Credit: Danil Evskyi, Shutterstock

You’ll learn the skills of manual metal arc welding in many ways, but they generally involve using an electric arc to melt the metal.

It’s similar to the process used in automatic arc welding. The difference is that manual metal arc welding is done without the aid of automated equipment. Students will part with £705 for the full course.

Here’s a table summarizing all these above welding costs.

Welding Course Cost In Sterling Pounds Level
Oxy-Acetylene Welding Skills £350 One
Metal Inert Gas Welding Skills £250 One
Metal Arc Welding Skills £250 One
Fabrication and Welding (Diploma in Engineering) £1,290 Two
Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Skills £250 Two
Manual Metal Arc Welding Skills £705 Two

Point to Note: These costs cater for the full course including books, equipment, materials, and other items needed.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Welding Schools in the UK

When deciding the overall budget of your learning program, you will consider the full cost, including expenses and your living cost. As with any other course or qualification, many different factors will affect the cost of welding schools in the UK. Some of these factors include:

The Type of Course

Welding courses have different costs. Also, some courses may need more equipment and extra materials than others. This may translate into higher costs.

The Location of the School

The school’s location will affect the cost significantly. If you’re in an urban area such as London or Manchester, your school will likely be more expensive. On the other hand, welding schools in rural areas such as Cardiff or Glasgow may cost less.

Duration of the Course

The length of time it takes to complete a course also affects how much it costs. Usually, longer welding courses cost more because they involve more learning hours and materials than shorter ones.

Type of School

Welding schools in the UK can be government-funded or private. Government-funded welding schools have lower tuition fees compared to private ones. But private schools may offer more facilities and amenities than government-funded ones, which explains the rise in the cost.

Metal work student training in workshop
Image Credit: goodluz, Shutterstock

Are There Scholarships for Welding Schools in the UK?

Yes! There are many scholarships available to students wishing to pursue welding in the UK. Many organizations offer these scholarships, including local, national, and international organizations. Several welding schools also offer scholarships and grants for students who qualify.

Many of these scholarship programs are merit-based. It means students must apply through their school or college. Other scholarships are need-based. It means students must meet certain criteria such as financial need or academic performance.

These scholarships can help pay for part or all your tuition fees. It’s excellent news for those who need financial assistance to attend college.

How Long is a Welding Course in the UK?

The time taken to become a welder depends on the type of welding you want to practice. For instance, you may want to become a pipefitter or boilermaker. The average length of time for this type of training is about three years.

You can get a job as a welder after completing one year of training. But if you want to be a journeyman, it may take up to five years before you qualify for certification.

Here are some other types of welding jobs that require different levels of education and training:


To be a subcontractor, you need an associate degree in welding technology or four years of experience as a journeyman welder.

Journeyman/Welding Instructor

You must complete at least one year of extra education beyond high school. Also, you should have an associate degree in welding technology and four years of experience as a journeyman welder. Additionally, you must pass an exam administered by the state department of labor or its equivalent.

Metalwork student training in workshop girl
Image Credit: goodluz, Shutterstock

What Does It Take to Become a Certified Welder in the UK?

To become a certified welder in the UK, you must meet the educational requirements. Next, you’ll have to find an apprenticeship or start looking for opportunities straight out of welding school. It takes endurance, passion, and most importantly, dedication.

Here are the steps to becoming a qualified welder in the UK.

Research on the Types of Welding Approaches

If you want to become a certified welder, you first need to identify your field of interest. So, the first thing is to research the different welding approaches in the market. You can easily determine the best technique for you.

Take a College Course in Welding

After determining the welding type you need to pursue, enroll in a welding school. Take an accredited welding course at an accredited college or technical school.

These programs will teach you everything. You’ll learn basic welding skills, advanced techniques, and safety practices.

Usually, this is the preferred method. It gives you hands-on experience with actual equipment, theory, and practice.

Take Part in an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a paid position that needs education and on-the-job training with an experienced welder. You’ll work alongside someone who has already achieved their certification and gain experience. You’ll work with different types of equipment before attempting any certification exam.

Find a Welding Job

Have you completed the apprenticeship program and have the academic qualifications? If yes, you can begin searching for a job as a welder.

Begin your search with the firm you worked for as an apprentice. They may consider you because you’ve worked with them, and they know your strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, you can extend your search online to find a job to suit your expertise and experience.

Final Thoughts

Welding is a good career path. Apart from the good pay, you also get to work with different machinery in the field. But before you get to the job market, you will have attended a welding school.

If you are interested in studying welding in the UK, this article has given overall info regarding the cost. This way, you can have an idea of how much money you need to save before you can start the application process. Good luck as you seek to pursue your dream career in welding.

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