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Top Underwater Welding Jobs: Canada & Companies

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Water everywhere.

Canada’s water supply rivals most countries, holding about 20% of the global supply. This also makes it a prime spot for underwater welding jobs.

The companies that train underwater welders have some of the best training and equipment available. Many started in the sixties and seventies, working in the depths to repair and secure underwater barges, docks, and other marine structures. Some companies have even created their own division for specialized underwater welding and cutting.

They regularly train their hyperbaric welders to meet the current guidelines. Along with the American Welding Society (AWS), many welder-divers are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB Group).

Underwater welding jobs in Canada are on a case-by-case basis, so they’re not centralized in one specific area. We’ve focused on some of the top companies that provide these services.

Major Employers of Underwater Welding Jobs: Canada

1. All-Sea Underwater Solutions

Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia

Since its start in the seventies, All-Sea Underwater Solutions has serviced ships and underwater construction sites. They have expanded to five locations for access to almost any place around the globe, though they originated North Vancouver. It also has its own division for underwater welding in Canada, with capabilities for wet and dry permanent repairs (Class A) according to code with the AWS and the CWB Group. Their services include (if necessary) custom habitats for dry welding.

2. Hydra Marine Services

Location: North Vancouver, Canada

Over the years, Hydra Marine has morphed from a specialized center to a broader service organization for diving, management, and inspection. Marine salvage and repair take targeted planning and teamwork to make sure the job is done right, and Hydra Marine divers know this. They use precise methods to complete each job correctly, whether in the fields of salvage, pipe penetration, inspection or nondestructive testing (NDT). They’re also an employee-owned company, which keeps them accountable to each other.

3. Dominion Diving

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

It began in salvage. Since 1969, Dominion Diving has been busy. They now work many parts of Canada, sending their team to many provinces around the country. Because of the vast amount of lakes and rivers, there’s rarely a lull in activity. Along with underwater welding/cutting services, salvage and others, they also specialize in Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV). Dominion Diving has its own ROV’s, which it also rents out to other companies who need them.

4. Divex Marine

Location: St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec

In the world of underwater welding and commercial diving, Canadians are some of the front runners. Divex Marine specializes mainly in ship maintenance and repair, but they operate marine inspection and construction as well. Because of their central Montreal location, they do business from the Great Lakes to northern Canada without hesitation.

5. Atlantic Welding & Marine Ontario

Location: Hillsdale, Ontario

As specialists in underwater welding, Atlantic Welding & Marine Ontario has worked in the business for over a decade. Their welder-divers are certified by the CWB and AWS 3.6 standards. Their divers also work in the other branches of underwater construction like salvage and inspection.

Canada Diving Employment: Your Future Up North

Remember that underwater welders perform many tasks besides underwater welding. Check out these Canadian maritime companies’ services to see the multitude of responsibilities involved. Hyperbaric welders are truly a “jack of all trades,” participating in salvage, HAZMAT, inspections, topside planning, and maintenance. And these companies are just the tip of the iceberg.

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