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No one likes to be left drowning in a sea of options – especially when it comes to underwater welding, a field that requires specific certification and training. With such an open-ended approach, you won’t see just one, but a variety of backgrounds and experience levels from prospective welder-divers.

I’ve written a series of articles that serve as helpful guides for those wishing to go into underwater welding. Each article is customized so you can glean from your current training to apply toward a career as an underwater welder.

Please choose from the article below that best describes your current experience level and profession. If it’s not listed, just choose the first option.

Underwater Welding for Beginners


Read this comprehensive guide if you’re totally clueless on how to become an underwater welder from point zero, and you have no background in welding or diving.

Underwater Welding for Inexperienced Welders


If you’ve welded for less than 2 years, don’t take the plunge into commercial diving just yet. With the right preparation and training, you’ll transition perfectly into this field.

Underwater Welding for Experienced Welders


You may have some years behind you, but that in itself isn’t a good reason to stop pursuing your dream career. See what steps you can take to quickly get a job as a welder-diver.

Underwater Welding for Scuba Divers


With a good head-start already, you just need to concentrate on the other side of the equation: welding. Find out the when, what and where to increase your welding experience.