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Underwater Chainsaw
Photo Property of Stanley Infrastructure

When did Stanley Infrastructure start producing underwater equipment?

Stanley acquired Ackley Manufacturing Co., a leading manufacturer of hydraulic tools, in 1972. The company entered the underwater tool business shortly after acquisition.

What types of facilities do you use to test your equipment, and what are some of the factors you measure in your testing?

We have a manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon. This facility is responsible for manufacturing all Stanley Underwater hydraulic tools as well as a majority of Stanley branded hydraulic products. Equipment is tested in-house for quality and performance. We’re proud to say our products are built in the US by our highly skilled team.

How has improvements in technology allowed you to create safer power tools?

Hydraulics as a technology has been around for decades and has been the driving force behind our products. Due to its inherent design, hydraulics offer a high performance tool that is also safe for underwater applications.

Underwater Jackhammer
Photo Property of Stanley Infrastructure

What are some of the challenges in producing high quality, durable underwater tools?

Creating a quality underwater tools can be challenging, due to the tight tolerances of the moving components, along with maintaining low back pressure in the hydraulic circuit when operating the tools at deep depth is also critical.

Regarding your underwater power tools, do you have case studies and ways to receive feedback from divers and others for real-life application?

We have close relationships with several distributors across the globe as well as several key end users. Our underwater tools are used by militaries, diving companies, maintenance contractors and rescue teams for a variety of applications. Usually feedback will come from the distributor especially with questions about service or using the product for unique applications.

Which season is the busiest in terms of manufacturing? Or does it depend on the tool being manufactured?

Production tends to vary by product line. Our Portland facility manufactures tools for other industries such as Railroad Maintenance, Electrical Utilities, Municipal Water, and Mounted Attachments for demolition.

You have a rental section for some of your tools; what is the process for renting out equipment?

This is actually a new initiative for our business. Due to the higher cost of Tier 4 compliant diesel engines, the cost of the traditional 185 air compressor, used by rental companies, has increased. This makes our hydraulic solution that much more attractive. As of 2015, we’ve started a new team dedicated to selling hydraulic handheld and mounted tools to the rental channel.


Stanley Infrastructure operates as a part of Stanley Black & Decker, and it is a major manufacturer of hydraulic equipment for surface and underwater use with many distributors.