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You manufacture and develop many types of welding products. Can you briefly describe your manufacturing facilities?

Our facilities include 15 CNC turning machines and injection molding machines. We manufacture all kinds of parts from brass, copper, and different kinds of plastics. Furthermore, we have an assembly facility in-house. All of them are located in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

Translas distributes its welding products to over 40 countries. Are these mostly European countries?

Yes, about 80% of the countries are European. However, we do have a large global distributive network. We distribute also to South Africa, India, Australia, Russia and Middle East as well as to Latin America.

Your 7ST TIG torch has been highly researched and developed. What were some of the features you focused on to improve it?

All the improvements we have done so far on the 7ST TIG torch have been with a focus on the flexibility for the dealer. We want to provide our dealers with options which can help them sell more. We have developed different switch options and plug options. This makes it easier for the dealer to make any kind of torch they need.

With the same thought in mind, we also developed the universal Tig Modular Connection (TMC), which allows to connect TIG welding torches to the most widely used brands of TIG welding machines without having to convert them. As a result, companies with several makes of TIG welding machines no longer have to purchase separate TIG torches for each welding machine, allowing them to achieve considerable cost savings, leading to, amongst others, lower stocks.

How often do you demonstrate demos of your new products at exhibitions? Do these events take place in highly competitive environments?

Translas personally exhibits at local exhibitions once a year where all big markets players are present. The biggest and most highly competitive fair where we always exhibit takes place once every four years in Germany. However, our dealers constantly showcase our products in one of the most important exhibitions around the world: India, Brazil, Russia, etc. We have a full list of exhibitions with our products for 2015.

Translas Welding Burning

You’re developing some torches for offshore pipe cutting and welding. Can you describe the testing process for this equipment; for example, do you have a water tank for testing?

These kind of developments are especially exciting for us. Some of the biggest ships and catamarans worldwide have been built with our torches. We do have a full automatic testing machine with 70 degrees water test and 6 bar op pressure at a cycle time of 20 minutes. Here is also how our welding torches for the offshore work.

What are some of the ways that your welding gloves differ from each other in terms of use? (welding, cutting, grinding, etc.)

Our gloves are made of very high quality leather and the material used for the lining is of the highest quality. This result is a glove with a very good mobility and flexibility guaranteeing the welder a glove with lots of fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity where needed. These are the main features for our gloves used for welding, cutting and grinding.

When it comes to welding solely, we have gloves especially for Mig and for Tig welding. Apart from that, we provide gloves for almost any kind of safety purposes.

What’s something that you’re really proud of accomplishing in this past year – 2014?

We do have something that we are very proud of. And, this is not only for the past year, but probably our all-time most exciting development – the EXTRACTOR.

This is a MIG welding torch with an integrated fume extraction unit, which sucks in the fumes right from source. This lowers down the exposure of the welder to fumes with 90 – 95%. This is a significant health benefit. Together with the ergonomic torch handles and light and comfortable welding helmets, we are very happy to be able to contribute for a better and more sustainable welding environment with almost the full product range.

From now on, our efforts will be developing mainly in this direction. One other thing we are proud of – which is not product oriented – is our new marketing approach. Not many manufacturers in the welding world can show off with a modern branding and open communication through e-newsletter and social networks. We want to be in line with what we do here.

And, what we do is innovate.

We are looking forward to jumping into new projects and share knowledge and resources with partners who are also passionate about innovation, product development and sustainability.


Manufacturing and testing in the Netherlands, Translas BV continues to produce world-class welding, safety and accessory products for their network of distributors across several continents.