Biz Wave: Aysan, Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturer

Business Basics

LOGO_aysanHow many years have you been in business?

Aysan is in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years and its first hyperbaric chamber was built in 2009.

How many employees work in your company, and where are you located?

We have one engineering manager, three design engineers, one shop supervisor and 18 workers. We mostly use sub-contractors for our manufacturing. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Eskishir, Turkey. We want to enlarge our business activities by having distributorship in other countries.


AYSAN_Therapy_ChamberWhich chamber do you sell the most of? Does it depend the time of year?

We mostly manufactured rectangular and sigma shape multiplace hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. We have manufactured an equnie (horse) chamber. But diving compression chambers and monoplace therapy chambers are also in our product range.

Additionally, we are the first and only refuge chamber manufacturer in Turkey.

How many people does it take to design a chamber? Are almost all chambers custom-designed, since every customer has different specifications?

We have three design engineers and we are capable to design and also manufacture any chamber per the customer specifications. Our products are comply with international standarts like IMCA D023, ASME PVHO, EN 97/23/EEC and has certification from Lloyd’s Register.

What are some of the challenges of making these chambers? Lack of certain materials, testing phase, etc?

There are no significant bottlenecks to manufacture these chambers. But every country has its own standards, and that makes it difficult, plus the cost to have certification for each standards.

How long does it take to produce a chamber, from the time a customer asks for it to it being shipped to them?

Manufacturing time is about 12-16 weeks for each chamber. But we can shorten in case of urgent needs.

Can transportable decompression chambers be used for hyperbaric welding in the ocean?

Decompression chambers are simulating the same conditions as in the sub-water conditions. Same pressure, same temperature but not wet – a dry atmosphere. It can be used.


Aysan is a custom designer and manufacturer of large gas chambers based out of Eskisehir, Turkey.