Biz Wave: U.S. Underwater Services, LLC


About five years ago, U.S. Underwater Services, LLC (USUS) moved to Mansfield, TX. What was the main reason for the move and how did it help the company? At the time of our move, USUS was owned by Neptune Marine Services of Perth, Australia. A move to a newer, bigger, and more modern facility was … Read more Biz Wave: U.S. Underwater Services, LLC

Biz Wave: Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd

Diving Magnets Feature

When did Diving Magnets begin its business? Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd. began its business in January 2015 and launched the website ( soon after. We are based in South Africa, but we ship our products worldwide. At the moment we are an online store only. We are constantly working to improve our products and expanding … Read more Biz Wave: Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd

Biz Wave: Skimoil

Skimoil Feature

How long ago did Skimoil start, and how was the water treatment industry different back then? Waste water treatment then was basically based on if nobody is yelling at you, do the basic minimums. We didn’t know how badly we were assaulting the earth and our waters. We (even the regulators) had our heads in … Read more Biz Wave: Skimoil

Biz Wave: Dryden Diving Company, Inc.


Dryden Diving provides many services in the maritime industry. How many full-time divers and other employees does it have to provide these services? Dryden Diving utilizes the Wharf and Dock Builders Union to supplement labor, after divers graduate from dive schools, they’re offered an apprenticeship to learn the trade skills. For example, they’ll learn common skills … Read more Biz Wave: Dryden Diving Company, Inc.

Biz Wave: Heavy Metal Divers


How has your previous experience as a commercial diver help in developing your line of helmets? My experience as commercial diver is the only reason I am making helmets. I experienced the same frustrations with the existing helmets as all other divers do. Your helmets boast epic names like “Gladiator” and “Crusader.” What inspired these … Read more Biz Wave: Heavy Metal Divers

Biz Wave: Logan Diving & Salvage


Logan Diving & Salvage started business in 1947, around the end of WWII. What’s some of the main ways this company has stayed relevant with the maritime industry for over 65 years? First: Service, Service, Service. By carefully listening to our clients’ requests/needs and providing high quality service at a fair price. Second: By being … Read more Biz Wave: Logan Diving & Salvage

Biz Wave: Aysan, Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturer


Business Basics How many years have you been in business? Aysan is in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 years and its first hyperbaric chamber was built in 2009. How many employees work in your company, and where are you located? We have one engineering manager, three design engineers, one shop supervisor and 18 workers. … Read more Biz Wave: Aysan, Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturer