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Diving Magnets
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When did Diving Magnets begin its business?

Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd. began its business in January 2015 and launched the website ( soon after. We are based in South Africa, but we ship our products worldwide.

At the moment we are an online store only. We are constantly working to improve our products and expanding our product range.

Do you know about how long have divers used diving magnets?

Magnets have been used by divers for many years, but Neodymium magnets have only been around since the 1980’s. Neodymium pot magnets are used in applications where the strongest magnetic force is required from the smallest possible volume of magnet material.

Describe a situation where diving magnets would be beneficial for a commercial diver’s work.

There are so many situations where diving magnets could be beneficial; to name a few:

Diving magnets are beneficial to divers where both hands are required in mid-water work near any steel structure. You can attach yourself to one or more magnets with lanyards, or they can be used in conjunction with a line and climbing ascender. They give you a temporary anchor point, and the diver can have two hands on the job.

Once you are set up properly, there is no need to kick or fin.

They are very useful when doing inspection work (UWILD’s) under vessels (FSO’s, FPSO’s), and even more so if there is a strong current. Our magnets come with a handle to hold on to while doing the task required with the other hand; setup is instant and you can detach the magnet just as quickly and move on to the next location.

They are also used for keeping tools in place or holding of temporary guide lines, and they are small enough to fit in any tool bag.

Because of the conductivity of magnets, can divers use them when performing underwater welding?

A strong magnetic field will affect the welding, although it is not advisable to have them too close to the welding job, divers can still use them to position themselves or their tools at the job.

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Does heavy salt content affect the magnetic fields of your products when used in lakes and offshore?

The effect of the water, salt or fresh, is too small to notice unless you use very precise instruments.

How are magnets advantageous to commercial divers’ other methods of maintaining position underwater?

Divers need to kick or fin to maintain position in mid-water which can lead to overexertion, but with the aid of magnets there is no need for that. Improving diver comfort and job quality.

When working on offshore platforms of a DP vessel, divers use hogging lines around the members to position themselves. This could be a hazard if the wrong methods are used and the vessel loses position.

With magnets you can quickly detach yourself and all your gear without complications.

What’s one of the major highlights of working in the industry?

The diving industry is huge industry with many different aspects, every job is different, being it be on a new location, new work scope, new vessel or crew, you never stop learning and contributing to the industry. From a business side is definitely also a highlight.


– Albertus Brummer, CEO

Located in South Africa, Diving Magnets (Pty) Ltd serves commercial divers across the world. They specialize in magnetic tools for diver use, providing a safe, comfortable and stable underwater work environment.