Biz Wave: Skimoil


How long ago did Skimoil start, and how was the water treatment industry different back then?

Waste water treatment then was basically based on if nobody is yelling at you, do the basic minimums. We didn’t know how badly we were assaulting the earth and our waters.

We (even the regulators) had our heads in dark warm places. We now make and sell equipment or even systems to remove or keep junk from getting into our waters.

Do your filters and oil separation equipment work in both freshwater and saltwater?

Our stuff works equally well in both fresh and salt water.

When people think of oil spills, they often think of major catastrophes in the Gulf of Mexico and oceans. What types of situations are your oil separators (and related products) primarily used for?

No one sits around waiting for an oil spill – except the OSRO’s – so responders have to have equipment in place ready to go.

Most of our work is industrial. We work with people who spill, drip, drop or leak stuff on water as part of their operation or even processes on or in their own properties. Keep in mind: An oil skimmer is used in oil spills to remove oil from the surface of water while an oil water separator (OWS) is a flow thru device to remove oil from a moving stream of water, like a ship that uses an OWS to remove oil from their bilge water prior to discharge.

What are some of your systems that require underwater installation? Is this work usually done by commercial divers?

We’ve worked on projects where commercial divers are plugging leaks or holes in pipes , boats and vessels, and where divers have to do underwater anchoring work – like on silt barriers to keep waterborne junk from getting out of steel mill (or other factory) and into public waters.

Do your oil content monitors require special expertise to read and analyze?

No – the oil content monitors are all digital with automatic readouts and emergency alarms to alert you to a “condition” that requires attention.

Everyone is pretty used to working with basic smartphones. You merely need to be able to read these monitors…like a phone. They are all factory certified and sealed to keep everyone honest.

How often do you have to change your product capabilities to meet the fluctuating environmental laws and standards?

Only every week – when every new application requires a new tweak in method or practice. But the basic technologies are mature, well proven and solid. Measuring devices are just much better.

What’s one of the major highlights of working in the industry?

Every day is different and every challenge is just that – challenging and exciting. And making the solution work is very gratifying – probably much like your own work.


– Roscoe McWilliams, Founder of Skimoil


Skimoil designs, produces and distributes specialized industrial/marine pollution control systems. They’ve conducted business since 1995, helping companies around the world protect the environment.