Biz Wave: KD Marine

Iceberg KD Marine
Photo property of KD Marine

1. Since your start in 1998, what’s one major area of maritime services that you’ve added?

We have added several, but two of the most important are the addition of the multi-purpose built Subsea Intervention Daughter Craft (SIDC) systems in 2008 and delivering a complete project engineering and management service.

2. Approximately how much of your work is based offshore versus inland?

We’re 100% offshore or directly linked to offshore oil and gas.

3. How many water vessels and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) do you have for your projects?

We own four small intervention craft, and we charter as required the large tonnage from the extensive global fleet of DSV’s, ROVSV’s, OSV’s, PSV’s, AHT’s, etc.

4. Can you explain how you’ve been able to create both comprehensiveness and applicability to your Safety Management System?

Our SMS was key to our development.

We work extensively on live offshore production installations, and everything we do must fit under PFEER and safety case legislation as well the diving and marine codes. Our management and key staff must be completely familiar and up to date through continuous training and involvement in organisations such as IMCA, IOSH, OPITO, Stepchange, OGP and others.

This has allowed us to remain compact, yet operate at the world-class level demanded by our clients. Our SMS or rather HSQE system is not an add-on – it is an intrinsic part of everyday activity.

KD Marine Oil Rig
Photo property of KD Marine

5. At any given time, what is some of the equipment and responsibilities inside KD Marine’s  workshops?

The workshops are now 15,000 square feet and house most of our equipment either in storage or in build or maintenance. It is managed by our equipment manager and his team of technical and logistics staff to support our operations 24/7, 365 days a year.

They are regularly involved in the build and testing of project bespoke tooling which is an interesting change from pure diving systems.

6. What’s one of the most interesting environments that KD Marine divers have ever worked in?

Many of our projects have some form of challenge, ranging from polar bears and icebergs in Greenland to diving inside a shaft of a giant concrete offshore platform with a multi-skilled team (divers who are also RAT’s, coded welders, weld inspectors, riggers and mechanics).

7. What’s one of the major highlights of working in the industry?

One of the best things is that it is continually changing, including the work task challenges, the locations, the environment, the client. So one cannot say it is boring.


– Hamish C Petersen, Managing Director

Offering subsea installation, structural maintenance, project management and other maritime services, KD Marine is a global service provider established in 1989.