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Diver Exploits: Logan’s Journey to Underwater Welding Certification


I just turned 23 years old on September fifth – the same day that I passed my welding certification test – that was probably the best birthday present that I could ask for. Achievements & Experience in Topside Welding The person that sparked my interest to go into commercial diving was my welding teacher from […]

Training off the Coast of Africa for the Rest of the World


I dive for two reasons: Support for my family and the insane, unbridled thrill I get underwater. Hailing from South Africa, I trained as a diver in Seadog commercial diving school in Saldahnha Bay, SA. Over seven nationalities went through the course with me, including those from Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Indian, Nigerian and, of course, other […]

The Antithesis of Underwater Welding: Underwater Burning

I had always wanted to be an astronaut. Who didn’t right? That was the ultimate adventure, not to mention the fact that one got to wear a cool space suit and work with some very outlandish equipment. When I found out I was blind as a bat however, that little fantasy of mine came to […]

Fresh Start: After Almost 2 Decades Topside, Shawn Welds Underwater

I started welding in  1997 and full-time as a career for 16 years, fitting and fabricating heavy equipment. I’ve done everything, including concrete mixers, roofing tar kettles, rodeo equipment, live stock equipment, food processing machinery, CNC Router Machines, Asphalt Pavers, and huge track crawler excavators. In between my main job, I’ve worked on small and […]