Diver Exploits: I, HSE Air Diver

I started my working life as an agricultural welder, welding everything from dumper buckets to ploughs to chicken cages. I enjoyed the variety of work, but the money was not good. Two years later, I left and enrolled at Boston College United Kingdom where I studied Civil Engineering. This program got me a start in … Read more

Diver Exploits: Fascinating Diving Sites

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever dived? I asked this question to several commercial divers and underwater welders, and they gave me a huge variety of answers. From these responses, it’s safe to assume that your perception of diving experiences is highly based on area of passion, interest in international traveling and a little luck. … Read more

Diver Exploits: From Front Lines to Commercial Diver

Diver Exploits Front Lines Feature

You can’t climb a ladder with your hands in your pockets. I’ve lived by that phrase, even with the you’ll-never-make-it sentiments I’ve received from others who I told about my plans to become a commercial diver. In the Service: Veteran of the Air I am an ex-servicemen from 16 Air Assault Brigade Colchester, and I’ve … Read more