Underwater Welder Life Expectancy: A Complicated Picture

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Thinking of signing up for underwater welding? It’s not a “typical” job, but underwater welders aren’t your typical crowd. During my interaction with welder-divers around the world, there’s a few commonalities I’ve seen among them: Go-getters Mechanical mindset Troubleshooters Passion for construction projects Eager for bottom time (in the water) Welder-diver: Danger of Job Stereotyping One … Read more

Underwater Welding Jobs: Your Ultimate Resource

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We’ve carefully compiled the top online directories for dive-related jobs around the world, including: Underwater welding Commercial diving Oil & Gas Inland Shipping MaritimeĀ management [adrotate group=”3″] All categories are organized alphabetically. Search through these directories and apply to specific diving businesses in the inland and offshore industries. Tailor your resume or CV and cover letter … Read more

HAZMAT Decon: Decontaminating Properly


Water is rarely contaminant free. Even inĀ water that appears quite clean, there’s often a mixture of diluted chemicals, solids and smaller molecules unseen to the naked eye. In placesĀ with less visibility, cleanliness is almost impossibleĀ gauge. Underwater welders involved in HAZMAT decon must be aware of their environment. Sometimes, the water isn’t contaminated enough to be … Read more

Diver Exploits: Policing the Depths


I started diving back in 1973 when I received my open water certification. I was number 619 from NAUI and my instructor, Ed Young, was number 501. Back in those days we still used double hosed regs, and I still have a love for them today. Wild West of Diving: My Inspiration It might sound … Read more