How to Buy an Epic Diving Suit with no Regrets

Diving Suit Feature

Unfortunately for divers, their work gear always demands a diving suit – there’s no such thing as casual Fridays. Though we think of it as a “suit”, divers don’t always had the luxury of wearing a sleek, shiny ninja spandex. Once upon a time, people used really, really baggy uniforms. Or metal shells. Or…barrels? Today, underwater welders … Read more

Biz Wave: Venture Below


How long ago was Venture Below founded, and by how many people? was founded seven years ago after I left the Royal Navy as a mine clearance diver and started to work offshore. I noticed that it was very hard to find diving knives and tools for commercial divers, and everything was homemade. so I … Read more

Practical Guide to Underwater Welding Equipment & Purpose

Underwater Welding Equipment

Finding the right tools for an underwater welding project can be daunting. There’s a lot to take into consideration: Purpose Function Quality Welder-divers need the right equipment to perform their jobs accurately, efficiently and safely. This guide can help you navigate the process of choosing underwater welding equipment. And by the way, if you haven’t dropped by … Read more