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DiveSafe International LogoDiveSafe International specializes in training divers for inshore work with an affordable inshore surface supply diver certification and/or commercial scuba certification. Their compact and module course structure provides a DCBC internationally recognized certification to help divers find work in a short time frame.

All dives are performed in the ocean waters of Discovery pass. Their dive projects challenge students with real working conditions, passing on skills employers are looking for. Candidates receive training in inshore diving work for potable water diving, engineering inspection, environmental assessment diving, film industry diving, aquaculture diving, hydro dam work, marina construction, public safety diving and much more.


Tuition: $795 – $16,785 CAD

Financial Aid:

Government Students loan (DVG 200)


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  • CSA Level Occupational SCUBA program (5 weeks)
  • CSA Occupational Nitrox Endorsement (3 days)
  • CSA Inshore Surface Supply (Restricted 30 meter) (8 weeks)
  • DVG 200 Full program: All CSA courses plus PADI o/w to Divemaster, first aid, oxygen therapy (15 weeks)



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PO Box 342 1003A Island Highway
Campbell River, BC
Canada V9W 5B6