International Diving Institute


Walk into Old Charleston Navy Base, where you’ll be greeted by sounds and sights of ship horns, tall cranes, and splashes from diving operations. The International Diving Institute places its students in the thick of it all, training them in every aspect of commercial diving- from training tanks to the real-world salt water scenario in the Cooper River.After receiving their diving credentials and certifications, graduates are offered the opportunity to take an additional course which concentrates solely on underwater welding. The International Diving Institute is the only dive school in the nation that certifies under the Lloyds Register and AWS WPQ D3.6:2010 Class B.


Tuition: $26,350

Financial Aid:

  • Federal Financial Student Aid is available to those who qualify
  • Veterans Benefits Accepted for those who qualify
  • Scholarships are available to those who qualify
  • Financial Aid Planning Session available for all prospective students


  • Commercial Diving (16 weeks)
  • Underwater welding (80 hours)
  • Underwater burning (5 days)
  • DCBC Unrestricted Diving (200 hours)
  • ROV Pilot/Technician (4 weeks)
  • HAZMAT (5 days)


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