Middle East for Commercial Diving


MECD LogoMiddle East for Commercial Diving (MECD) is one of the most modern commercial diving training school in the world with a unique link to the commercial diving industry through our sister companies in middle east. This vital interface with the commercial diving world allows our delegates to experience an unrivaled industry relevant training program that teaches essential skills in a real world environment.

All courses follow the international standards. They are geared for the candidates who want a successful working career in commercial diving industry and not someone who just wants certificates. Our mission is that we have a responsibility as a center to train candidates properly and not to overstock a job market full of minimally skilled, in-experienced candidates.

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Surface Supply Air Diver 30M: $1,900

Underwater Welding & Cutting: $950

Financial Aid: None


Middle East Commercial Diving School

Surface Supply Air Diver 30M: (6 weeks)

Underwater Welding & Cutting (2 weeks)




+2 01123626262

3 Eskander Ebrahim Street
Miami, Alexandria, Egypt