Get the Book - Underwater Wet Welding: A Welder's Mate

Welding in the water can be a challenge to new and experienced welders alike.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Packed with solid principles behind wet welding, "Underwater Wet Welding: A Welder's Mate" provides in a plethora of helpful techniques, procedures and research for true underwater welding.

'A Welder's Mate' tackles every aspect of wet welding, and it does so in surprisingly laymen terms. I've used the book more than once for my own research. David [author] fundamentally changed the way many underwater welding courses train their students with his training programs and this book.

Matt Smith
Water Welders' Founder
Welders Mate Book

It's authored by David Keats, a legend in the commercial diving world that helped change the way commercial divers conducted their wet welding training.

His knowledge and experience helped provide a background in wet welding courses around the world, and much of it is contained here in this book.

With this practical knowledge of how to weld in the wet, you'll have a firm hold on how to begin your coursework as an underwater welder.

A Must-Have for Every Underwater Welder

"A Welder's Mate" is perfect for welders, divers, instructors and those who haven't yet taken the first step in their underwater wet welding skillset. Authored by a well-known commercial welder-diver, this book provides a unique perspective that's difficult to find.

​"Underwater Wet Welding: A Welder's Mate" is a paperback book that is over 300 pages. It has 200+ illustrations throughout, along with detailed procedures that help define the what, why and when in wet welding. Beyond the skill itself, author Keats also discusses a bit of the history behind underwater welding and how it has evolved over time. 

Discover a breadth of topics, including:

Welders Mate Book
  • Underwater welding equipment
  • Health & Safety
  • Principles & Parameters
  • Wet Welding Terminology
  • Core Metallurgy & Welding Fundamentals
  • Heat Techniques
  • Quality Assurance in Welding
  • Training Exercises for Wet Welding
  • Test Times & Practice Questions

David Keats

David J. Keats, former Managing Director of Speciality Welds Ltd, is now the proprietor and subsea welding engineer for Weldcraft-Pro. David has been involved in the welding industry since 1975, having initially worked as a welder for a structural engineering company.

To date, David has spent over 42 years in the welding industries and throughout his subsea career. He has written two books on wet welding and has pioneered multiple training programs, gained certifications in metallurgy, commercial diving and much more.

Visit his
LinkedIn profile and author page for more information.