Biz Wave: M.C. Marine

MC Marine Vessel
Photo property of M.C. Marine

You are based out of Ontario – have you ever had a different location, or has it remained the same?

The company originally was based in Montreal. During 1990 we moved to Brockville, Ontario, in order to be closer to our client base.

Do your diving projects mostly shut down during winter, or pick up due to weather conditions in Canada?

Diving operations are conducted over the entire year.

Think of a project that you and your team has done that you’re especially proud of. Can you briefly provide the what the project was and a few of the challenges involved?

One of our most challenging projects was the salvage of the M/V AKRANES in the St. Lawrence seaway near Clayton, New York. The vessel had torn a hole in the starboard #1 cargo hold. We placed a temporary mat, made from materials available locally, over the damage and pumped out the hold. Asteel box was built over the damage and filled with concrete. A doubler plate was welded over the area on the outside. The vessel operated for several more ocean going trips with this temporary repair.

MC Marine Metal
Photo property of M.C. Marine

Does M.C. Marine‘s crew often operate often in the US, or are the vast majority of the projects in-country?

Most of our projects are in Canada, mainly in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. We did one job in the Arctic.

You list zebra mussel control as part of your service list. Can you give an example of the damage these mussels cause, and how you go about getting rid of them?

Zebra mussels were brought to the Great Lakes in the ballast tanks of ships. They are a great filter and have increased the underwater visibility greatly. However, they can build up in pipelines and water intakes, causing complete blockages. The usual control is to pipe chlorine to the entry point and disperse it there.

How often does M.C. Marine‘s team undergo inspection services versus maintenance? Or do many projects require both services?

Our work is about 50/50 between maintenance and inspections.

What’s one of the biggest highlights of managing M.C. Marine?

One of the biggest highlights is meeting people from all over the world when working on various marine projects.


– Cid York, President of M.C. Marine

Operating throughout Canada and various places around the world, M.C. Marine has serviced maritime projects in repair, inspection and maintenance for over 30 years.