Biz Wave: Nemo Power Tools

Nemo Power Tools
Photo property of Nemo Power Tools, Ltd

How long has your company, Nemo Power Tools, been around?

We designed the drill 2012, and Nemo Power Tools Ltd was founded in 2014, after we made the decision to begin mass-producing our product.

Do you manufacture other tools besides the electric drill (if not, do you have plans in development to manufacture other equipment)?

We currently have several tools in the development stages. For updates on the next tools we’ll put on the market, stay tuned to our website:

Your product, the Nemo submersible electric drill, was originally manufactured one drill at a time for various uses in government and scientific projects. Why did you make the switch over to mass production?

The simple answer is that we like a challenge, and we enjoy hard work. Founding a company to take this product to the next level has proven to be a great learning experience for everyone involved. We genuinely enjoy solving the technical challenges that come with creating, producing, and selling a new product. Our drill is used by commercial divers, marine biology researchers, pool technicians and more. Knowing that our product makes the work of so many different professionals easier and quicker is very rewarding.

Do the batteries in your drill work differently from regular, topside electric drills?

Our battery, a Li-Ion 18V 3Ah, is basically the same as the one used in regular, non-waterproof electric drills. The main difference is that our battery is sealed.

How does your connection/wireless free drill serve as an advantage over other corded underwater products powered by hydraulic and pneumatic forces?

Easy to transport, easy to use

Our Nemo drill is lighter and easier to transport than pneumatic or hydraulic tools which require extra equipment to operate. The obvious advantage of our cordless Nemo drill over pneumatic or hydraulic tools is that you’re not connected to any compressor or pump on the surface. This means increased maneuverability and never having to worry about tangled hoses or tubes.

Satisfied customers have told us that another advantage of our drill is that it makes substantially less noise and no bubbles (which can decrease visibility of the work surface/job).

Saves time and money

Jobs that previously would have required draining water from an area (such as a pool or spa) – a time-consuming and costly process – can be done with our drill without any special preparations. People who work on boats and yachts have told us that they go through regular surface cordless drills “like chewing gum,” since the minute they get a little wet or fall in the water, they’re useless.

The Nemo drill’s ability to operate both above and in the water means boat repairmen, plumbers and others working around water don’t need to think twice before using our drill in wet conditions.

Commercial divers often use their power equipment at deeper levels. Is there a maximum recommended depth for your submersible drill?

The recommended maximum operating depth for the Nemo drill is 50 meters, or 164 feet.

How heavy is your submersible drill?

2.9 kilograms, or 6.39 pounds


Founded in 2014, Nemo Power Tools Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of equipment in the construction industry. They’re continuing to expand their inventory and distributors on an international scale.